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Lime Crime has introduced its newest (and last!) palette in its Venus collection. The Venus Immortalis Eye Shadow palette is an eight-pan palette in deep, grungy hues that evoke the feeling of black and white photographs. It's a wholly unique set of tones that work equally on their own and paired with other bright colors. We foresee this palette being great for creating spooky Halloween makeup lookswitches, goblins, and skeleton costumes will come alive with these colors! Plus, the packaging itself has a secret that is revealed only in the dark.

It's Lime Crime's last Venus palette, so the colors are meant to symbolize "depth and shadow."

"Long live Venus through Immortalis, a beautiful afterlife. Her reign may be ending, but her legacy will live on forever through the shades of depth and shadow," the brand wrote. No word on what may be coming next for Lime Crime's eye shadow line, but this will be the last of the Venus-branded palettes. 

The swatches reveal how stunning these colors are!

The Venus Immortalis palette features for matte finishes, two foils, and two shimmers, giving you the perfect mix of transition shades and sparkle. According to Lime Crime's Instagram, the colors are as follows:

Unseen (matte)
Echo (foil)
Moth (shimmer)
Marble (sheer shimmer)
Unveil (matte)
Ash (matte)
Hail (foil)
Cameo (matte)

Turn off the lights, because this Venus glows in the dark.

All of the Venus palettes are beautifully packaged with the namesake goddess on the cover, but Venus Immortalis comes with a spooky secret. Turn out the lights, and the entire package glows in the dark. Venus Immortalis may be the last of the series, but she does not go quietly into the night.

Lime Crime created this gorgeous video to accompany the release.

"VENUS IMMORTALIS. Afterlife, the finale of the queen of grunge," the brand wrote on Instagram. In the press video, the model wears a full goth-grunge look, with smoky eyeliner and shimmering foil eyelids, and she's decked out in lots of crystals.

Here's how you can take a ride into the underworld with Venus.

>>Get it here

The palette is available now at and retails for $38. On Instagram, the brand confirmed that it will also be available at Ulta within "one to three weeks," so it will be in stores in time for Halloween. It's a permanent member of the Lime Crime's Venus collection, but the palette is just begging to be worn in autumn and winter.