Rainbows are a rare treat for the eyes, but they fade into the sky as quickly as they came. Luckily, Lime Crime has just released a neon rainbow palette that won't disappear and is so bright you can see it from outer space. 

Meet the new Lime Crime Venus Vivid Shadow Palette.

It's eight shades of neon candy.

LOOK AT THOSE NEON SHADES. They're bright, they're colorful, and they're basically candy for your face. It features four mattes, two foils, one metallic, and one shimmer finish. It's a permanent addition to Venus Palette family. We've reached out to Lime Crime to ensure that the colors are safe for use in the eye area (you'd be surprised how many eye shadow palettes have shades that aren't actually, you know, designed for eyes).

You can buy it now, while summer is still here!

photo: Ulta

The palette retails for $38, which is the same price as the other eight-pan shadow palettes. It's available now at Ulta and Lime Crime. Summer is the perfect time to work those neon shades, so get on it before the leaves turn brown.

"But wait!" you say. "How can I wear neon makeup and live my best life?"

I'm so glad you asked! If you're just dipping your toes into the psychedelic waters of neon shadow, let's check out some ~hot inspirational looks~ that you can re-create with the Venus Vivid palette. Yes, these looks are all stored in my Instagram saved folder, in case you were wondering.

Put neon red and yellow eye shadow on your eyelids, because why not!

This look is super easy and super effective. Just pack the matte neon reddish-orange color, Star Burst, onto the outer edges of your lid with a dense brush. At the corner of your eye, add the neon yellow shade, Happy Place, with a small round brush. You'll look gorgeous in the blink of an eye (ha!).

Put blue stuff on your face!

Blue eye makeup isn't just for the 1980s. The modern way to play with the color is by using a deep cobalt all over the lid and winging it out as far as you can. Just use the blue shade, Betty, with water or mixing medium to get the shadow tacky enough to spread.

Hello, yes, the My Chemical Romance look is in.

Gerard Way was, uh, way ahead of his time in 2004 when he popularized red eye makeup, and I'm still not over it. For this look, use the color Star Burst with water or a mixing medium to craft a seriously perfect wing shape, and lightly top with a sheer shimmer. Take a good hard look at your gorgeous face.

Why not turn your face into a rainbow?

Who says neon makeup should be subtle? You only live once, and you only have one face, so feel free to adorn yourself in all the colors of the rainbow. You are a prism of power. You are a constellation of beauty. You deserve to look like the aura crystal that you are.

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