Primark is out to make fans of The Little Mermaid fall in love and then fall apart in a matter of seconds. The brand just surprised its shoppers with an announcement about a makeup collection dedicated to our favorite mermaid, Princess Ariel. You read that right. The Little Mermaid is finding a way to be part of our world yet again! She's swimming her way back into fans' lives to splash a little extra beauty on makeup bags, bathroom counters, and vanities. 

Having heart palpitations? Seriously, same. Ariel and the rest of the ocean gang have stolen our hearts and hidden them with the rest of their thingamabobs, so this makeup collection is just perfect. Or is it?

Primark announced The Little Mermaid Collection via its Instagram.

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. This is REAL! "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? #TheLittleMermaidcollection has landed in-stores from only £4/€4.50 #PrimarkBeauty," the brand shared.

The Little Mermaid Collection includes one eye shadow palette, one highlighter palette, a perfume spray bottle, and a few more pretty grabs. Check out every single thing in the new collection ahead!

Find Your Inner Mermaid Highlighter Palette ($10, Primark)

The Find Your Inner Mermaid Highlighter Palette comes with six sparkly shades with sweet Ariel-theme names. From left to right and top to bottom, the shade names are Treasure, Under the Sea, Shipwreck, Thingamabob, Imagine, and Bubbles. The Treasure and Imagine shades also seem like they could work as shimmery bronzers depending on your skin tone. Anyone wanting to serve major ice princess vibes may adore Bubbles, which looks like a pearly white shade. 

Vibe With The Tide Eye Shadow Palette ($10, Primark)

The Vibe With The Tide Eye Shadow Palette is actually already sold out and not even displaying on the Primark website anymore! Crying real tears? Same. The adorable shell-shaped palette features 12 shades sitting in shell-shaped pans. This palette offers a nice mix of jewel and earth tones in matte and shimmer finishes. Let's hope this baby gets restocked.

Good VS Evil Duo Lash Set ($4, Primark

Yes for the celebration of the iconic good and evil forces in The Little Mermaid film! It's so good to see our favorite sea witch Ursula get a little shine in the collection. The Good VS Evil lash set provides two lashes that are good for wearing during the day and night. I assume the sweet wispy lashes at the top represent the goodness in Ariel, while the longer, dramatic lashes on the bottom represent the dark side of our dear Ursula.

The Little Mermaid Glitter Body Mist ($5, Primark)

Ready to get your shimmer and shine on this summer? Primark has been dropping lots of glitter body mists lately! It's only right that the brand added one to The Little Mermaid collection. This body mist is called The Future Of Mermaid. 

The Future Is Mermaid Perfume Spray ($10, Primark)

Have you ever wanted to carry a scent that reminds you of Princess Ariel? Primark has you covered with this perfume spray bottle. The brand didn't provide a description of the scent, but let's hope it has refreshing beachy vibes! I'm obsessed with the battle, which is a transparent pink with light specks of glitter. 

Tweezers Set ($3, Primark)

Get your eyebrows together and let Ariel lead the way with this pretty tweezers set from Primark. It comes with a pouch and two pairs of tweezers — one of which has a mermaid tail! I'm OBSESSED with the fact that the pouch has iridescent mermaid scales. It's a lovely way to celebrate the iconic film in a more subtle way. This set makes for a supercute gift, but it's also a pretty practical purchase if you love The Little Mermaid but don't necessarily want to buy the makeup or the sprays. 

This collection literally has so many more cute picks, but there's a terrible catch.

If you want to buy this iridescent Ariel-themed makeup case or anything else in the collection, then you'll have to fly, swim, or catch a boat across the ocean to do so. It's only available in stores in Europe. I know. It's a terrible bummer. This also isn't the first time Primark has released a Disney collection and made it primarily available in Europe, but it hurts all the same for huge Disney fans. 

I don't know what Primark expects us to do. Play with our dinglehoppers and other thingamabobs all day? We neeeeeeeeed this collection on US soil ASAP. Don't be a sea witch about this Primark. Have mercy on our poor unfortunate souls. Please?