She used garden shears to do her brows. I'm crying.

Instead of going to Sephora, YouTuber Liza Koshy decided to get her makeup tools from the gardening section of good ol' Home Depot. The resulting "tutorial" has racked up 2 million views in less than a day. 

The shock vlogger with a stamp of approval from Vogue used a hoe for foundation, a rake for mascara, and a friggin' shovel for eyeliner. Check out the highlights below...

That's e.l.f. foundation on top of her hoe there. 

TBH, we've seen foundation applied crazier ways in other challenge videos. 

Remember the guy who used peanut butter as foundation? 

This whole tutorial is pretty much all e.l.f. 

I'm sure they appreciate that. 

She doesn't really contour, but she highlights the high points of her cheeks without managing to scratch her cornea, which is a relief.  

Eye shadow is a complete disaster. 

She applied it with the times of a wind chime. 


This is not OK. 

Then she pulls out a shovel... 

...and uses it as an eyeliner stamp! 

Batshit insane but also kinda crafty. 

It worked?

Mascara with a rake? Sure, why not. 

She smeared mascara on the rake and glided it over her lashes. 

A smaller rake pops up for eyelash glue application. 

I was hoping for something more imaginative than the end of hedge clipper as a lipstick brush. 

Blending IS important. 

Ta-da! This is the final look. 

Watch the entire process unfold below.

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