MAC fans, today is a great day for your wallets!

It's always the perfect time for a makeup sale because we can never have too many options in our beauty stash, right? If you're always on the hunt for something pretty and new to add to your collection and you want to save a ton on the price, then turn your eyes towards Nordstrom.

The retailer has eye shadow palettes from the MAC Cosmetics MAC Girls personality palettes collection on sale! If you've had your eye on these cutesy eye shadow palettes then carpe diem because we have no idea how long these markdowns will stick around. 

Check out every palette on sale plus their swatches down below!

MAC Girls Smarty Pants Palette ($25, Nordstrom)

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This palette features eight eye shadows plus a huge highlighter pan. It's all about cool-collegiate neutrals with this pretty palette. 

Check out how pretty the Smarty Pants swatches are.

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From top to bottom, the shades are Something's Fishy, Totally Obsessed, No Mercy, Smart Aleck, Whippersnapper, Whiz Kid, Wisecrack, French Lesson, and the highlighter Way Fresh. The shadows come in two different finishes which are molten foil and creamy matte. 

MAC Girls Pretty Punk Palette ($25, Nordstrom)

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Neon lovers, this one's for you! The Pretty Punk palette is all about bright shades, pastels, and jewel tones. It provides the perfect break from the everyday neutral eye shadow look. The lavender highlighter shade is also the perfect way to treat your face to a pastel glow!

Per the swatches, this palette is one seriously pigmented beauty. 

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The palette has a punk and grunge-inspired vibe. From top to bottom the eye shadows are Unfazed, Pretty Punk'd, Pin Me Up, X-Punk, Denim genes, Ripped Tee, In My Genes, Game Player, and the lavender highlighter Anarchista. You can make endless festival looks with this baby!

MAC Girls Raver Girl Palette ($25, Nordstrom)

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The Raver Girl palette is all about pulling off major party vibes with its mix of neutrals, pinks, and purples. Since this highlighter in this personality palette is a light pink hue, it could also work as a subtle blush depending on your skin tone. 

Which shade from the Raver palette stole your heart at first sight?

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From top to bottom, the shadows are Mirror Ball, HappyDaze, Sly Girl, 120 BPM, Fatness, Flash Beams, Rave-Cave, Wild Card, and the highlighter Glow Stick. Based on that swatch, the Glow Stick highlighter will kind of only work as a highlighter for far and medium skin.

The highlighter shade doesn't seem to work as a highlighter on the dark-skinned model's arm although you could make it work with a super careful hand and a barely-there blend to avoid ashiness. You could tryyyyy it as an eye shadow or an inner-corner highlight for the eyes. 

MAC Girls Mischief Minx Palette ($25, Nordstrom)

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It's impossible not to salivate over this one. The eye shadows follow a beautiful, warm coral and neutral color scheme making it a great option for an everyday palette. 

Get into how pretty and pigmented the swatches look. 

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From top to bottom, the shadows are Mischief Minx, Very Frisky, Natural Tease, Shenanigans, Flaming Femme, Schemer, Been There Done That, Totally Trouble, and Stride Of Pride. I'm especially digging the Mischief Minx shade which is a bright orange frost with a satin shine. The highlighter Stride Of Pride highlighter is a golden rose shade that can be used as blush, highlighter, and maybe even bronzer depending on your skin tone and undertones. 

MAC Girls Power Hungry Palette

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Love cool shadows in neutral tones? Make the Power Hungry Palette your next power move! 

The swatches reveal that this palette provides subtle blends that work for an everyday makeup routine.

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From top to bottom, the shadows are Gimme That, Dangerously Elegant, Something’s Fishy, Win Some Lose Some, Hot To Trot, Money Mad, Bling Mistress, Bossing It, and Totally Obsessed. The Totally Obsessed highlighter is a gorgeous yellow gold shade that could work on a variety of skin tones. 

MAC Girls Basic Bitch Palette ($25, Nordstrom)

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The Basic Bitch palette has become a MAC Cosmetics staple with its cool grey tones. Now is the time to try out the iconic palette or re-up before your current one hits pan. 

Swatches show just how cool this palette really is. 

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From left to right, the shades are Shy Girl, Tattle Tale, Me Me Me, Hell In Heels Ms. Personality, Big White Lie, Game Player, and the silver pink Love This Bitch Highlighter.

Don't forget that these palettes are limited edition and on sale for an unknown amount of time.

If you're a fan of the MAC Girl palettes, then you may want to make your decision quickly. This sale could end on any day!

And don't forget to report back with those glamorous personality palette looks!

You know we want to swoon over those beats you come with up! Rack up and happy, happy shopping!