MAC Cosmetics is throwing its own nude party, and all skin tones are invited! The brand unveiled its new Strip Down collection full of nude lipsticks. Ironically, MAC fans have critiqued the brand for dropping way too many neutral products and not enough bright hues lately, yet this new collection of flesh-toned lipsticks is one of the most exciting 2019 releases from the brand!

Although the OG makeup company is no stranger to lipsticks or nude shades, the brand hasn't been as inclusive as it could be when it comes to offering shades that actually flatter people with deeper skin tones. 

MAC Cosmetics unveiled its new nude lipstick collection by spreading it throughout its stores and letting employees share on their social media accounts.

"We can’t wait for all these Nudes," one regional MAC manager in Oregon shared on her Instagram. "Out this Thursday!! Come play!!"

Can your lips handle this shade range?! 

Shade names from left to right are Bosom Friend, Oh Yes Baby, Bare Bling, Leave Me Breathless, Pink Power, Act Natural, Love You Back, Feeling Myself, and Smoked Almond.

Yes, these are the gorgeous nude shades we expect from MAC Cosmetics.

But the range gets even deeper, baby.

Come through MAC Cosmetics! Shade names from left to right are SSexy, Bad N Bare, Kinkster, Good Form, Derriére, Consensual, Double Fudge (formerly Liptensity), and Move Your Body.

The actual swatches from the Strip Down nude lipstick collection also look very enticing. 

These swatches show such a lovely range of different undertones too! I love that there are warm and cool pinks, beiges, and browns. 

Check out MAC makeup artist Asia sharing which of the new lipsticks from the collection are her favorite and how she creates her nude lip.

Asia also used the new Bosom Friend lipstick along with Lip Conditioner ($16, MAC Cosmetics), a Lip Glass ($18, MAC Cosmetics) in the Love Nectar shade, and Lip Pencils ($18, MAC Cosmetics) in the shades Spice and Hover.

Another brown MAC makeup artist tried the deeper shades in the Strip Down collection. 

From left to right on the top and bottom, the shades are Move Your Body, Consensual, Derriére, Double Fudge, Good Form, and Smoked Almond. 

The lipstick range comes just as people are talking more about how non-inclusive nude lip color options can be.

Jackie Aina just tried a literal sea of "nude" lipsticks, and the results were super sad. None of the nude lipsticks truly matched her skin tone.  

In fact, you could tell by the arm swatches that most of the nude lipsticks looked white and chalky.

These swatches are absolutely tragic and proof that brands still are not as inclusive as they need to be. Jackie Aina along with other influencers like Too Much Mouth and Nyma Tang are right to call the non-inclusivity out.

In 2019, fair skin should not still be the standard for "nude" labels.

Actually, it should have never been the standard in the first place. The term "nude" is literally meant to represent a color that matches the natural skin tone. The amount of skin tones in existence is way too large for "nude" options to just cater to the fairer side of the spectrum. From pale to deep dark skin, everyone should be able to find nude makeup that suits their melanin count.

Disappointing nude lipstick options are why women of color were ecstatic when indie brand Mented Cosmetics dropped its collection of nude lipsticks tailored to brown girls.

The brand initially began with lipsticks and Gloss ($15, Mented Cosmetics) but has since expanded to include Lip Liners ($12, Mented Cosmetics), Skin By Mented Foundation ($30, Mented Cosmetics), and the Everyday Eye Shadow Palette ($28, Mented Cosmetics)

MAC Cosmetics joining the inclusive nude lipstick party is perfect and long overdue.

The brand may be late to the inclusive party, but at least it's come bearing gifts. 

Check out this MAC Cosmetics statement about the importance of timeless nudes that are available in all skin tones.

“For me, I don’t like forced beauty," MAC Executive Director of Makeup Artistry Lyne Desnoyers shared. "That’s why I love the cream so much [and] a really, really good palette of naturals... We’re very lucky. We have every single color for every single tone... There’s a certain story that needs to be told no matter the skin tone." 

I've been saying it forever and I'll reiterate: Inclusion is about more than just foundation.

"Adding more shades doesn’t mean you have the range," the Fenty Beauty brand quipped on Twitter. I couldn't agree more. Foundation and concealer are not the only products that require cosmetic brands to consider all complexions and undertones. 

Any brand following the #FentyEffect that hasn't done anything but play catch-up with 40 shades of foundation and concealer is further behind than it thinks. 

Yes for more brands like MAC Cosmetics doing the right thing and making sure its beauty products cater to all.