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Plus, for a brand that celebrates all skin tones, the lipsticks it offered weren't for all complexions.

I've always been a major fan of the brand, and have religiously bought its products since I started wearing makeup. However, this giveaway made me question my MAC Girl status.

photo: Giphy

When I first started wearing makeup, MAC was THE ONLY brand that I was allowed to wear. My mother and many Black women in my family trust its products to complement our skin tones. And as a woman of color, it's always been an uphill battle to find a brand that has both the quality and consistency that works for me. However, spending a Saturday morning in line with hundreds of other furious MAC-lovers made me want to move on to another brand. Possibly for good. 

I love National Lipstick Day as much, if not more, than the next girl rocking Ruby Woo— but taking advantage of your loyal customers is definitely not the way to go. Next time MAC advertises free lipstick, I'll avoid the scam and just stay home.