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And here are the swatches.

star trek eyeliner swatches
photo: Alle / Revelist

II: On The Hunt
III: Pure Show

Guys, I need to tell you: at first I was really "eh" about this formula: it goes on really wet, and didn't seem like it was going to dry immediately. I was wrong; this liner is SO SUPREME. Not only are these colors beautiful — that gold is a heart-stopper — but they last like nothing else. Seriously; I tried to get these off with soap and water and summer-in-New-York sweat, and couldn't do it (an oil-based cleanser will remove them). I love them so much.

All of these gorgeous products are available September 1 at counters and via the MAC website, and if you're at San Diego ComicCon, you can check out the collection starting July 21!

You can also sign up so that you're first to hear when this collection drops.

Live long and prosper, my makeup loving friends.