Ah, blackface. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving even though literally *no one* of color EVER asks for it.

Sigh. This time, the culprit is a Russian makeup artist who goes by the Instagram name @notcatart. 

"White to dark," he wrote beneath this photo of himself with a significantly darker skin tone. And yes, a 'platinum' GRILL, for the full...effect??? 


"I love skin of all colors and this look is inspired from it. That we all are beautiful. And I wanna show you how it’s beautiful."

Not. OK.

As if blackface paired with a grill isn't bad enough, the makeup artist also found it fitting to create a tutorial video to the tunes of Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj's hip-hop record, "Rake It Up." 

Because nothing says "Black" like a grill, darker skin, and some good ole hip-hop, right!? Smh.

Of course, people spoke out against his blackface tutorial video — and he had a SERIOUSLY hateful response to one of those commenters. 

"And you look like a burnt n***** tired of picking cotton," he wrote back to a 14-year-old girl named Yasmie who called him out for his blackface look. 

@notcatart has since deleted this comment and taken the comments feature off of his Instagram altogether. Statements made on in her personal Instagram comments confirm that the screenshots of his hate speech are real. 

This is entirely sad and unacceptable.

Seriously, how many times will we have this blackface issue pop up? In case you're confused about what the big deal is, here's a rough list of exactly what makes it such a no-no.

photo: Giphy

Blackface has racist origins. 

No, you can't undo said racist origins by replacing them with your present-day "intentions." 

No, people of color don't need you to "appreciate" our skin tones by taking them on for the day. 

Being able to step in and out of a darker skin tone like it's a costume is a privilege that you're waving in the faces of people of color.

It's annoying, hurtful, offensive, etc...

Yes, we keep talking about this.

No, we don't want to — but people keep doing it.

Yes, people should stop it.

No, you shouldn't support people who do it.

Yes, there are other ways to appreciate people of color without "trying on" their skin color. 

Like using your white privilege in a way that makes life easier for people of color.

Or like using what's in your makeup bag to enhance the beauty of an *actual* person of color.

It's actually not even hard to *not* do blackface.

photo: Giphy

Step one and done: Don't do it. Easy peasy.