Makeup Geek Cosmetics CEO Marlena Stell aims to end domestic violence and provide support to victims and survivors one testimony and beauty bundle at a time! Stell took to her YouTube channel to open up about her personal experience with domestic violence and to announce a makeup bundle she's selling that will raise money to support victims and survivors in Houston, Texas. 

Stell also confronted some of the misconceptions she personally held about domestic violence prior to experiencing the trauma herself and provided a special guideline to help people recognize the warning signs of an abuser. 

Trigger Warning: The content that follows will address the topic of domestic abuse in light detail. You will also find contact information for a domestic violence hotline to receive 24/7 help at the end of this article. 

First, Stell opened up about what a difficult position she was in during the relationship and why she's chosen to speak up about domestic violence.

"I was a few credits short of a master's degree. I have two businesses. I came from a great childhood and yet here I am sitting at nearly 40 years old talking about domestic abuse. If it can happen to me, I know it can happen and has happened to so many others," she explained. 

Next, she revealed the different signs of domestic abuse that people should look for. 

"Normally, the abuse isn't obvious from the get-go," she said. "You're thinking, 'Well, if he's abusive, he's gonna show up with a wife-beater shirt and tattoos and he's gonna come rolling in on a Harley and he's gonna be really aggressive.' That is not the stereotype at all. You cannot even spot from the first gate that someone is abusive. They're very smart. Most of the time, they're very charismatic. They know how to hide it well."

"The person that I was with was very charismatic and that's what I fell in love with this person for," she continued.

Stell broke down the signs of an abuser using the acronym D.E.A.T.H.

"It's going to start with D. It's going to be digs, or it's going to be distance. E stands for the emotional abuse... Then, the third one, A, is standing for anger... After the anger happens, if you're still with them, then it starts going into threats. That's the T. After the threats, then it starts going into harm. That is my acronym that I came up with to show the steps." 

After breaking down her acronym, Stell explained more about the experience. 

Stell then shared exactly how people who may be victims of domestic abuse can survive the experience and get help. 

"If you are currently in an abusive or even toxic relationship, you are NOT alone," she shared in her YouTube video description. "And abuse does not happen to just women. Men can be abused as well. Find your family or friends who will have your back and rely on them during this time because they will be crucial in getting the support you need. If you feel unsafe, please carefully find a shelter you can stay at, and by all means get law enforcement involved when you feel safe and ready to speak up."

Stell's Makeup Geek Cosmetics brand will also be helping to end domestic abuse and help anyone going through it. 

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"Makeup Geek is partnering with the Houston Area Women's Center in Texas to raise awareness for domestic and sexual abuse," Stell wrote in her YouTube description. "For every purchase, Makeup Geek will be donating $10 to the center. Your gift will help teach, empower, and support survivors as well as help break the cycle of abuse." 

This philanthropic purchase applies to the Makeup Geek x HAWC Bundle ($35, Makeup Geek Cosmetics), which includes the Peach Bellini and Champagne & Rose Palettes.

New and longstanding fans of Makeup Geek Cosmetics are happy to buy makeup that makes a positive change in the world. 

Makeup is fun and makes for a positive way to express ourselves. It's also a great way to raise money for causes that really change the lives of people who need help and support. 

"Such a great cause! Good job raising awareness! This will be my First MG purchase!," one newbie wrote in the brand's Instagram comments. 

Survivors have also come forward to share how excited they are about Makeup Geek's new domestic violence initiative. 

"Thank you for supporting such worthy cause," one woman wrote to the brand. "Domestic violence is rampant in our world and the silence surrounding it gives it power. I worked as an advocate for two years and am a survivor and am so happy to see you supporting this." 

This is the kind of impact that really matters in makeup! 

Stell's new Makeup Geek Cosmetics initiative is also touching for the people living in Houston.

One fan was pleasantly surprised to find out that Makeup Geek Cosmetics would be contributing to an organization in her city. It's hard not to stan a brand that makes a positive change so close to home. "Just ordered mine. I live in Houston and am so glad you’re helping women in my city," one person wrote.

Sigh. This is what happens when a makeup platform is done right. So much is going on in the beauty community right now that represents the worst of what the world has to offer. It's super special that Stell is using her platform to turn one of those dark details about life into a happy ending for people going through such a tough situation.

If you want to grab the Makeup Geek Cosmetics bundle and support the domestic violence awareness initiative, then head over to the brand's website and scoop it up before it's gone!

Note: If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing domestic violence in any form, you can always reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 1-800-799-7233. You can also chat online at any time by visiting