Beloved drugstore beauty brand Makeup Revolution wants to have a STEAK in the food makeup trend! Ha, I couldn't resist a little corny pun fun. But yes, the affordable brand is joining in on the fun that other brands are having with food-themed cosmetics. Makeup Revolution released its Tasty Collection which includes three new mouthwatering palettes for $7 each, which is an incredibly affordable price in general and compared to the cost of previous food-themed releases. 

Whether you adore comfort foods, a healthy vegetable, or something nice and spicy — there's probably in a palette in the new Makeup Revolution trio that's perfect for your tastes and your wallet. You'll also want to make room for sweets since Makeup Revolution also released fruity compacts in its Tasty Collection.

Check out the entire collection ahead.

Tasty Pizza Palette ($15, Makeup Revolution)

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Fans went crazy when the indie brand Glamlite Cosmetics dropped the beloved Pizza Palette. It started a wave of food-themed makeup products. The brand even followed it up with pizza-inspired lashes and individual pizza slice palettes. Makeup Revolution just dropped its own spin on that product with I Heart Revolution Tasty Palette Pizza. It features 18 shadows including red Pepperoni, gold shimmer Slice, mustard yellow Hawaiian, and Saucy coral pink.

Want a peek at how this pizza palette looks on an actual eye?

Look at how adorable this is! Of course, the tiny pizza slice near the wing looks both tasty and beautifully done. The warm orange eye shadow looks is also a pretty gorgeous blend. This palette is all about warm shadows in the orange, red, and gold families.

Tasty Chilli Palette ($15, Makeup Revolution)

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Beauty lovers and foodies, prepare to heat up your beauty bag with this fiery chili-inspired eye shadow palette. This palette features shadows that are all about spicing up your everyday makeup looks. It has beautiful warm, shades like Xxxtra Hot deep purple, gold Hot Mess, bronze shimmer Inferno, and orange Hot Sauce. I also love that the brand tossed in that fuchsia color which is called Cheeky.

Swipe for some spicy swatches!

These colors are just beautiful. Creating a palette inspired by chili is actually a smart way to reframe the concept of a warm eye shadow palette. It's also a no-brainer gift for anyone who adores spicy food or chilis specifically. Grab this beauty now because it's certainly hot enough to sell out.

Tasty Avocado Palette ($15, Makeup Revolution)

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If you thought a green eye shadow palette was all about St. Patrick's Day, then think again! This bright palette is inspired by one of the buzziest superfoods: avocados! Every shade of green that you can imagine is in this palette including lime green Guacamole, emerald green Smoothie, brown Toast, baby blue Smash and California Gold. Makeup Revolution wisely added a few brown transition shades in here which still work beautifully with the avocado theme. 

PLEASE get into this avocado eye art. 

This bold look is just scrumptious! Let it be known that the Tasty Avocado Palette pops on melanin. This bright green eye art speaks to how pigmented the palette shadows are. Admit it. You need this palette in your cart like yesterday.

Save room in your makeup bag for a fruity dessert!

Makeup Revolution also released dessert-themed compacts in its Tasty Collection. There are two highlighters in the shades Pineapple and Banana. The two blushes are Peach and Strawberry. If you really have a sweet tooth, then you'll want to snag all four of these $7 compacts.