There's something so alluring about makeup transformations. Not the usual kind, where a full face beat transforms us into an ultra-glam powerhouse. I'm talking about using an arsenal of contouring products and kohls to completely transform your face into a Bratz doll, Wonder Woman, or, in the case of one Redditor, actor and internet boyfriend Jason Momoa.

Seriously, this Jason Momoa makeup transformation must be seen to be believed. And yes, there's a product list, in case you want to turn yourself into Aquaman for a day.

User Randomly_mel posted this incredible photo of her makeup transformation.

CAN YOU BELIEVE?! I mean, look at this. Wow. I'm so, so impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to makeup these days. She captured Momoa's deep-set brown eyes, beauty marks, and, most important, his shaved eyebrow. Khal Drogo has never looked so flawless.

Seriously, this makeup transformation took WORK.

There's no fairy godmother around to transform the Redditor's face in Momoa; this look most likely took a long time in front of the mirror, along with spectacular contouring skills.

Luckily for us, she posted the photo on r/MakeupAddiction; in the forum, posters are required to provide a product list of their makeup. According to the OP, the products she used are:

"Mehron Basic AQ paint palette & Paradise AQ paint palette 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism eye shadow palette 

Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pomade in Dark Brown 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation in 315N

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in Buttermilk 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define in C6 

RCMA Makeup Loose translucent powder"

She also posted a video showing us how she transformed into Ronon Dex (that's Momoa's Stargate: SG-1 character, for all the non-sci-fi dorks).

In the video, Randomly_mel takes us through the steps of achieving the perfect Momoa face. Contouring was obviously a huge part of the process, but the way she created the eyebrows is especially fascinating: She used a fine angled brush to "paint" on the individual eyebrow hairs, rather than an eyebrow pencil or liner.

Randomly_mel has also done other makeup transformations that are equally impressive, like this Keanu Reeves look.

This transformation is incredible. Though it begs the question: If I got my makeup done to look like Keanu Reeves, would I make out with myself in the mirror? Since it's the closest I'll ever get to actually making out with Keanu Reeves? Oh, well, a gal can dream.