Maleficent: Mistress of Evil hits theaters on October 18, and fans are celebrating with insane makeup looks.

Angelina Jolie stars as the titular character, and Elle Fanning plays Princess Aurora. The sequel introduces a new character, Queen Ingrith, Prince Phillip's mother, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. 

Now that it's almost Halloween, let these incredible makeup looks inspire you to portray the misunderstood sorceress. These artists created some truly incredible looks dedicated to Maleficent and the film. Plus, MAC Cosmetics has a whole line dedicated to getting you into character.

Those cheekbones are on fleek. 

One of the most crucial parts of a Maleficent makeup look are the sharp cheekbones. The Mistress of Evil herself has a chiseled facial structure, so it makes sense to re-create that hollowed-out look for the character. This artist contoured to the gods and ended up with a flawless look. 

This look is beautifully creepy with art along the chest as well. 

Another face contoured to perfection, this artist added a dark twist to her look. I love the natural-looking feathered brows as opposed to most Maleficent looks, which give her bold ones. Meagan Lee Emerson has tried out a myriad of Halloween looks, and she tried out Maleficent in honor of the film. 

The detail on these crazy green crow lips is unreal. 

This artist made a lip become the most intricate and detailed part of the look. Inspired by Maleficent's green flames and crow sidekicks, Ryan Kelly made a truly magical lip moment. This isn't the first lip look the artist has created; in fact, most of their posts are insane lip creations. 

Eye makeup inspired by Maleficent's green and magenta hues is gorge.

This glam eye shadow look features all of Maleficent's recognizable colors, including the bright green and deep purples. The sultry look is subtle enough to be worn alone or could be paired with the horns for a more obvious costume. The artist, Alexy, did another Disney-inspired makeup look based on Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. 

If Maleficent needed a going-out style, she could definitely call this artist. 

This artist created a glam version of the Disney villain. "If Maleficent went to a goth rave," Tanja Gravina captioned their post. Plus, the artist was kind enough to share an entire tutorial of this look in case you want to copy. 

The dragon in Maleficent is coming out with this creepy eye look. 

This textured eye makeup looks like the dragon scales that Maleficent becomes in the animated film Sleeping Beauty. The sorceress obviously has a dark side, but the softer side of her comes out in the live-action film based on her life. But in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, there is no taming her. 

This eye shadow looks just like Maleficent's green fire. 

A simple and colorful eyeshadow look, this is clearly based on Maleficent. The green and purple shades match her colors exactly, plus it's inspired by her green flames. One person commented, "OMG! You made a Maleficent one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then followed up with, "This is my favorite." 

MAC Cosmetics has an entire line of Maleficent-themed products to create a perfect villainous look.

This black-and-red ombré lip is exactly what Angelina Jolie's looks like in the film. The brand has a collection of products inspired by the film for makeup lovers to copy the styles exactly. 

"Ombré lips inspired by the most glamorous villain in cinema were created with Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour shades High Drama, Fashion Legacy, and Caviar — in that order," MAC wrote in its caption.