Manny MUA had a rough 2018 and a pretty quiet 2019 so far, but the beauty influencer is bouncing back and heating things up this summer with a major announcement for his brand, Lunar Beauty. If you've been waiting on new Manny MUA drama, then you'll have to just find it in a bold eye shadow look from a palette of his THAT IS NOW IN SEPHORA! 

That's right. Manny MUA is moving on up to the east side of a Sephora store near you! 

Manny MUA made the major career announcement in an understandably ecstatic Instagram post.

"OHHHH MYYY GODDD! IM SO FREAKEN HAPPY! MY BRAND IS IN SEPHORA! You guys... this is one of the craziest, most proud things I’ve ever been able to accomplish in my entire career," he wrote in the post. "I started my makeup journey working at Sephora six years ago... and now my brand is in Sephora! Dreams really do come true and I couldn’t be more grateful."  

Sephora is now carrying two Lunar Beauty products on its website.

"Currently, we have Life’s a Drag Color Palette ($45, Sephora) and [the] Greek Goddess Palettes ($48, Sephora) on [the] @sephora website and they will be in store next month because we’re doing something SUPER special for Pride Month," Manny MUA wrote on Instagram.  "I feel so blessed, I don’t even have words to describe how I’m feeling right now other than thankful for you guys for being there for me and believing in me! I love you so much!"

The moment has Manny MUA reflecting on how he built his makeup from the ground up and where he started.

"I started my makeup journey six years ago working at Sephora... and now I have a brand inside Sephora. Dreams come true," he wrote.

Hey, hard work and years of grinding really do pay off! Lunar Beauty is officially a Sephora-carried makeup brand.

Also, yes, you read that right! Manny MUA has a Lunar Beauty surprise coming for Pride Month, which is in June.

Manny MUA is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and, of course, part of the male representation in the beauty industry which has largely been dominated by women. He has also been very open about the struggles he has experienced as a person who identifies as queer. He specifically opened up about the traumatic gay conversion therapy he underwent and the difficulty he experienced with coming out to his father. The beauty influencer has spoken up for the LGBTQ+ community for his entire career. It only makes sense that he would align his beauty brand launches with the month dedicated to uplifting the community.

Manny MUA also launched his first Lunar Beauty eye shadow palette during the month in 2018.

His Life's A Drag Color Palette hit the web at the top of Pride Month in June 2018.

"Launching Life’s a Drag the beginning of and I couldn’t be happier.  Available tomorrow at 11 AM PST at," he wrote along with a rainbow of heart emojis. He was met with loads of support from both the beauty and LGBTQ+ communities. 

To have this palette and his other Lunar Beauty product hit actual Sephora stores during Pride Month is a full circle moment for Manny MUA.

The influencer used this career victory as an opportunity to encourage his supporters to follow their own dreams.

“I just want to remind you guys don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams," he shared in a Snapchat video. "Don’t give up on what you want to do with your life, even when you feel like the world’s against you at times. You need to dig deep and find it within yourself to be your biggest advocate. Your biggest hero. And things will turn out OK. And you’ll be so grateful to yourself for never giving up on yourself.”

"I just broke down and cried. I needed to hear this today," a fan wrote about his message. "You truly are my biggest hero. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR ME and for helping me to believe in myself." 

Manny MUA's encouraging message seems quite appropriate after the tumultuous year he experienced in 2018.

Manny MUA took part in one of the biggest fallouts the beauty community has seen play out on social media in 2018. His entire influencer friendship squad — including Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragun, Gabriel Zamora, and Laura Lee — fell apart amidst racism accusations, vague tweets, apology videos, and more. Manny MUA was ultimately ousted from the group and even took responsibility for being the cause of the drama in an apology video. 

Since then, he's been pretty mute where drama is concerned, which was a wise thing to do for an influencer trying to make the business moves he's making. Manny MUA's commitment to more makeup and less drama is clearly paying off. 

Manny MUA fans are freaking out at how he's turned things around, stayed positive, and gotten the ultimate Sephora stamp of approval.

"Congrats Manny!!! I remember watching your first YT video when you launched your YT career," one fan wrote. "It’s been a rollercoaster at times :), but regardless of it all, it’s been cool to watch your journey thus far!! Much love to you! XO."

They're also ready to hit up Sephora for new Lunar Beauty, STAT! 

"So what you’re saying is I’ve found another excuse to be on Sephora’s website," one fan wrote. The fans are ready! They have coins in hand and are prepared to scoop up the existing Lunar Beauty products plus whatever Manny MUA may surprise them with during Pride Month. It's literally going to be raining makeup in the Manny MUA fan camp. 

The influencer has even gotten congrats from other major players in the beauty industry.

"I still remember meeting you at our Halloween party. Congrats baby," Norvina, the president of Anastasia Beverly Hils, wrote to him. "OMG me too," Manny MUA replied. "With my half glam, half skull look. Thank you, my love." 

Things are looking up for Manny MUA!