Maybelline has a cool new 'Un-Nudes' collection that is supposed to redefine how we think of "neutral" lipstick.

The brand is making its case for moving purples and reds into the neutral color family. 


The colors in this promo ad are Visionary (left) and Philosopher (right).

Pinks and reds are also invited. 

Say hello to the shades Poet (left) and Fighter (right).

The swatches even look good on three different skin tones. 

But there's a MAJOR problem with this Un-Nudes idea: Maybelline hasn't even mastered *actual* nudes for dark skin yet. 

photo: Giphy

There's no maybe. Maybelline *definitely* drops the ball with dark skin tones in its nude lipstick attempts.

This is the brand's attempt at including dark skin tones in its actual nude lipstick collection called The Buffs. 

The Buffs contains multiple nude shades for light and medium skin tones. The nude lipsticks for deeper complexions? They're actually deep reds — so if a darker-complected person wanted an actual nude lipstick match, they wouldn't get it with this collection.

This is not just a problem limited to Maybelline. Many beauty brands seem to struggle with making nude lip colors for people with darker skin tones.

Here's an exclusive image of me trying to figure out why Maybelline is trying to make lilac happen in neutrals, but still hasn't created a *real* flesh-toned nude for darker people.

photo: Giphy

NOT cool, Maybelline. Before getting creative with pastels and berry colors — let's get the basics right. Dark-skinned customers deserve way more effort than this.