Fresh off of their "Mean Girls" makeup brush set, Spectrum Collections is BACK — and this time, they've brought eyelashes.

That's right. Spectrum Cosmetics has released a line of Mean Girl false lashes that any aspiring Plastic could get behind.

The brand offers three different styles based off of the iconic Plastic trio. Sorry Cady, guess you still can't sit with us. 

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Regina George lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

Naturally Regina's are the most extra, because a queen bee ALWAYS has to have a signature look to wear with her white gold hoops (*cough cough* Gretchen).

Although the Plastics' shade-throwing abilities are amazing, there's nothing cruel about these faux silk lashes — they're vegan and cruelty free!

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Gretchen lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

Regina's second-in-command, Gretchen also has dramatic lashes, because her hair is "so big they could be full of secrets," as the description said

The Karen lash set is psychic. It has a FIFTH SENSE.

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Karen lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

These more minimal lashes provide a more "natural" look for those who enjoy weather forecasting in the rain. 

Can't decide on just Mean Girl — and lash set — to buy? Fortunately, you can buy the entire group together in one massively Mean vault.

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Lash bundle ($29.99, Spectrum Collections

Get your crew together and wear them for your "Jingle Bell Rock" performance. Just don't hit anyone in the head with a boombox.

Visit Spectrum Collections to check out the lashes!