The brand offers three different styles based off of the iconic Plastic trio. Sorry Cady, guess you still can't sit with us. 

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Regina George lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

Naturally Regina's are the most extra, because a queen bee ALWAYS has to have a signature look to wear with her white gold hoops (*cough cough* Gretchen).

Although the Plastics' shade-throwing abilities are amazing, there's nothing cruel about these faux silk lashes — they're vegan and cruelty free!

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Gretchen lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

Regina's second-in-command, Gretchen also has dramatic lashes, because her hair is "so big they could be full of secrets," as the description said

The Karen lash set is psychic. It has a FIFTH SENSE.

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Karen lashes ($11.99, Spectrum Collections

These more minimal lashes provide a more "natural" look for those who enjoy weather forecasting in the rain. 

Can't decide on just Mean Girl — and lash set — to buy? Fortunately, you can buy the entire group together in one massively Mean vault.

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Lash bundle ($29.99, Spectrum Collections

Get your crew together and wear them for your "Jingle Bell Rock" performance. Just don't hit anyone in the head with a boombox.

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