The 2018 Met Gala was crawling with celebrities dressed in their best threads and showing off a master range of different makeup looks.

From the subtle to the imaginative, check out 33 extreme closeups of glam eye makeup at the Met Gala. 

Cara Delevigne's signature bushy brows got the superstar treatment with gold pigment and a beaded veil.

Ruby Rose brought super edge to the Met Gala with crosses as eyebrow jewelry.

Kim Kardashian maintained her title as Queen of the Smoky Eye with dramatically long, curled eyelashes that popped even more with hazel contacts.

Tessa Thompson remained stylishly true to the Catholicism-centered theme of the 2018 Met Gala with stunning white eyeliner snatching out into beautiful religious crosses.

Cynthia Erivo stepped out with these gorgeous bejeweled eyebrows!

Rihanna went with a mysterious charcoal grey smoky eye to top off her Pope-themed look.

Ruth Negga brought the drama with all-gold eye shadow that melted into bright inner tear ducts.

Alicia Vikander slayed this asymmetric eyeliner look.

Gigi Hadid went subtle yet edgy with her neutral makeup pleasantly disrupted by a gold slash of glitter straight down the center.

Cardi B wore gold eye shadow with thick blue winged eyeliner to match the beading in her Moschino headdress.

Emilia Clarke took inspo from Rihanna's 2017 Met Gala look and wore pink eye shadow that melded into her pink blush for a full face look. She topped her eye shadow with silver sparkles and wore it under her eye, too!

Letitia Wright slayed eveything moving with this sharp black and gold cat eye look matching her black and gold gown.

Emily Ratajkowski wore this gorgeous bronze gold eye shadow which matched her nude lip with a gold center perfectly.

Selena Gomez wore a smoky eye with gray glitter as smudged liner detail.

SZA looked like a pure angel with a silver eye shadow look dashed with golden tear ducts to match the golden drop design on her right cheekbone.

Amanda Seyfried hit the Met with gorgeous wispy lashes and subtle silver sparkle. 

Amber Heard stunned with gold eye shadow and snatched eyebrows. 

Ariana Grande wore a simple cat eye with soft, subtle eye shadow. 

Blake Lively went with rouge pink eyes, sparkly inner tear ducts, and wispy lashes.

Hailey Baldwin went for a dewy Met Gala makeup look with glossy, neutral lids.

Janelle Monae boasted gorgeous black and gold eyes to make her red lips pop.

Jennifer Lopez also went with a black and gold eye shadow look but added dramatic lashes and bolder golden shadow underneath her eyes.

Katy Perry wore gray and gold eye shadow with bold eyeliner and lashes for a gilded but smokey effect.

Kendall Jenner was all about the smoky eye.

Kylie Jenner chilled out with neutral eye makeup and let her sunglasses provide all the sparkle.

Lena Waithe slayed the Met Gala 2018 with bronze eyes to match her bronzed cheek highlight.

Lilli Reinhart pulled off sage green and sparkly gold eye shadow.

Nicki Minaj opted for her signature cat eye in black and gold with gorgeously curled lashes.

Priyanka Chopra matched her sparkly gold headdress with gold, glittery eyes.

Rita Ora hit the Met Gala red carpet with sparkly gold lids.

Scarlett Johansson was all about pink and silver sparkly eyes.

If Solange Knowles didn't steal your heart with the silver and black portion of her smoked out eye makeup, then those GORGEOUS bottom lashes certainly should.

It's safe to say that even though Zendaya went minimal with her eye makeup, she had the most snatched brows of the entire gala. 

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