Food-themed makeup is clearly here to stay this spring! We've obsessed over Pizza Palettes, Pizza lashes, Burger Palettes, and fruit-inspired everything from Too Faced. We've even fallen in love with the citrusy Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum.

Now, it seems like beauty brands have no intentions on slowing down with the beauty products they add to our plates. Indie brand Bombshell Cosmetica has the latest drool-worthy beauty release with its new diner-themed makeup collection.

The brand thought of every single detail when it comes to this collection and we're ready to eat up! 

Bombshell Cosmetica is already known for its many colorful candy-inspired eye shadow palettes.

The brand released its Candy Shoppe collection full of eye shadow palettes dedicated to every kind of candy you can dream of! From 100 Grand bars to gummy worms to Nerds candies, there is literally no way you won't find your favorite candy in the palette lineup.

Now the indie brand has expanded its makeup offerings with a new collection-inspired by diner food.

The brand teased its new Malt Parlour collection at the top of March 2019. 

"Can’t wait to reveal the ENTIRE collection," the brand shared on Instagram. "We have been working so hard on this collection for months, so excited!!! Launching soon!"

One of the stars of the Malt Parlour Collection is the Strawberry Milkshake Eye Shadow Palette ($24, Bombshell Cosmetica). 

Look at this yummy packaging! If you love diner food or simply have a sweet tooth, then this eye shadow palette is impossible to resist. 

Inside of the Strawberry Milkshake lies a sparkly assortment of shimmer eye shadows.

If the packaging weren't enticing enough, this eye shadow palette just packs on the sweetness with its scented shadows and glittery pigments.

"This palette consists of 10 yummy ultra shimmer Diamond formula," the brand describes on Instagram. "What’s the difference from a regular shimmer? These are ultra creamy, better pigment pearls, micro fine glitter, and [they have] long-lasting intensity. The palette also includes a magnetic mirror and smells delicious." 

Of course, the Malt Parlour Collection is filling us up with a single milkshake.

Bombshell Cosmetica also unveiled its Bomb Burger Palette which is not to be confused by the Burger Palette recently launched by Glamlite Cosmetics which was just made available for pre-sale on Wednesday, April 10. 

Unlike the Glamlite Burger Palette, the Bomb Burger Eye Shadow Palette ($24, Bombshell Cosmetica) is all about matte shadows.

"A Delicious Matte Dream," the brand described the palette on Instagram. "What do you guys think?" 

"We wanted to create a full matte palette that included unique matte shades and neutral shades for versatile looks. You can use them as shadow, blush or contour. The palette includes a magnetic mirror and 16 beautiful matte shades." 

Bombshell Cosmetica also created a palette for cookie lovers!

This packaging is dangerously close to the actual Chips Ahoy cookie packaging. Let's hope everything is taken care of where trademarking is concerned. Aside from the branding mystery, this palette seems like a very cool idea. 

Check out the Fresh Baked Cookie Eye Shadow Palette! 

The color scheme of the eye shadows follows the cookie theme pretty well with varying shades of brown. The most surprising shade in the bunch is the black shadow since it's also a pressed glitter shadow! 

And what would the Malt Parlour Collection be without Bombshell Cosmetica's signature food-themed eyelashes?

The Taco Bell tease is super strong with these Lash Taco Bout It Lashes. They launched on the website today but as of the time of publication, are not available. That sell-out game is strong. You'll have to stay tuned for the re-stock of this one. 

In the meantime, there are hot dog lashes!

If you're the type to slide a burger and a hot dog onto your plate at the barbecue, then perhaps you'll love wearing these Hot Diggity Lashes ($8, Bombshell Cosmetica) with the eye makeup looks you create using the Bomb Burger Palette.

And of course, the indie brand didn't forget to treat its fans to a Coke with their diner-style orders.

The iconic Coke soda has long been the go-to drink in fast food restaurants. These lashes are super long and a prime selection for anyone who loves a dramatic lash look.

Also, DONUT forget to snag these other extra long and wispy lashes.

These gorgeous lashes look almost as addictive as the actual donuts from Krispy Kreme. *goes in search of the hot light*

In case you need fries with your burger, hot dog, and shake, Bombshell Cosmetica has 'em hot and ready!

This brand clearly thought of everything. Grab these Smize Surprise lashes ($12, Bombshell Cosmetica) while they are on sale for $12.

Now tell us you aren't STARVING for a beauty bag upgrade after this Malt Parlour Collection reveal!

The full Malt Parlour Collection is available on the Bombshell Cosmetica website right now. Scoop up your favorites while they're still available.