Millie Bobby Brown is arguably one of the biggest breakout stars of Netflix's Stranger Things series. Fans have watched all of the kids from the show basically grow up before their very eyes. Of all the cast members, we'd say that Brown (who plays the character Eleven) has had the best style transformation. The actress has proven that she can slay hair at any length and that she's beyond comfortable on any red carpet.

Check out her style and beauty glow-up starting from before she began filming Stranger Things to her latest red-carpet appearance for the season three premiere. 

Let's start with pre–Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown.

In case you didn't know, Brown appeared in short-lived TV show The Intruders, in 2014. This is what she looked like while speaking on a panel in Beverly Hills. How cute is she though?! Here we can see her naturally wavy dark brown hair that fades into a honey blonde. Our gal was serving a look even then! 

Now here is Millie Bobby Brown after her very first haircut for season one of Stranger Things.

"This is the day I shaved my head for the first time for #strangerthings," Brown wrote on Instagram. This is the hairstyle that Eleven is wearing when we first meet her on Stranger Things. She was kidnapped, taken to a hospital, and experimented on. The experiments resulted in her developing telekinetic powers. Fans instantly fell in love with Eleven's gender-fluid appearance and innocent take on life after the hospital.

Once her hair grew out a tad more, Brown became instant short cut hair-spiration.

The soft waves were back! Brown is too gorgeous with her wispy bangs and hair flips in the back. Tell me her hair doesn't give you '90s Winona Ryder vibes? Coincidentally, Ryder is one of Brown's Stranger Things costars. I wonder if she caught the reference herself.

And here is Brown slaying one of her first Stranger Things red carpets.

The Winona Ryder vibes remained super strong as Millie Bobby Brown hit up the season one premiere of Stranger Things in Los Angeles. She looked adorable and glam adorning a ballerina gown with white and gold sneakers. Of course, this would be the first red-carpet appearance of many. Things only went up from this Stranger Things premiere.

She's also been quite the street-style star!

Peep the eye-catching 'fit she wore in New York City on her way to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. She mixed prints with her dress, crossbody bag, and patched bomber jacket. She also wore these killer black ankle boots. With her short cut parted on the side, Brown looked incredible.

Brown served us grunge chic on her first-ever magazine cover for Interview.

Her first cover was such a hit! The baby-faced actress sported slicked-back hair with a neutral makeup look. Her ensembles were all about leather, spikes, and studded creeper sneakers. In other words, Brown looked like every bit the fearless boss girl that her character Eleven embodies. 

You know that awkward midlength hair growth stage where your hair isn't super short or super long and it's hard to figure out what to do with it? Well, Brown has seemingly never dealt with that.

Fans were obsessed with this look she served in 2016 at the UNICEF awards. She's got her lovely side part again, but this time her hair is held back with an M-shaped barrette. Her lipstick is *just* pink enough to look natural. Meanwhile, the lace on the collar of her dress made her look even more sophisticated.

Behold, Brown's sparkliest red-carpet look yet from 2017.

Can you say beauty and style goals?! Brown had all eyes on her as she sparkled and tinseled down the red carpet at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. A slicked bob with slightly bumped ends and a soft pink lip was all the glam she needed to steal the show. Her look was perfect for awards-show season.

Never forget her InStyle magazine cover for the November 2017 issue. 'Twas everything.

"Millie Bobby Brown Upside Down" was the name of the piece, and of course the magazine cover reflected the title. Even upside-down, you can see how stunning she is. She's wearing a pink dress, her signature hair waves and flips, and a super-long pink dress. She's a style icon in the making. I dare you to disagree.

And the covers just kept rolling in. 

The Millie Bobby Brown bob is definitely a THING. She wears it in a way that makes it youthful and sophisticated all at the same time. Also, peep how extra glam this shoot is. Those dangly chandelier earrings were a totally different vibe for Brown. 

And Brown only turned up the heat from there. This is also her circa Stranger Things season two. 

Once again, she relied on her natural waves. Her nautical red, navy, and white look was super-freaking chic. She's perched on the couch like she KNOWS she's the cast baddie of Stranger Things. And yes, we're here for every drop of this LEWK. 

I dare you to say this wasn't Brown's best hair look of 2018. 

Her short hair was great, but I love how she began to play with updo hairstyles as soon as her hair grew out! Brown's hair is typically done by stylist Blake Erik, by the way. She's been styling her hair since season one of Stranger Things. From the looks of things, she truly has a handle on what hairstyles bring out the features in Brown's face. She always looks stunning.

Brown sported this look at the 2018 Golden Globes.

If you don't believe her sleek bun was the best, perhaps the back of it will convince you. 

Yes, French braids! Yes, bun! This look was exceptionally lovely and showed off Brown's oval-shaped face and her cool earring piercings. This look is also pretty easy to re-create. Never underestimate the power of a lovely bun. It's sleek, easy, and looks good with whatever you wear.

Here's another shot of Brown sporting a playful updo.

Aside from the typical ponytail, this is probably the easiest red-carpet look in history: two ponytails twisted into mini buns with ribbons around it. The hairstyle was very age-appropriate for Brown, but I could also see someone in their twenties wearing this same look. It's supercute and probably lightning fast to execute.

This wet look for a 2018 Moncler ad was just WAY too gorgeous.

Brown and her hairstylist deserve all of the things! She doesn't know how NOT to show face, and once again her bob is her power with this look. Swipe to see her hair slicked back which gives her look this lovely masculine energy. That shot reminds us of her character, Eleven, on Stranger Things

Now let's fast-forward to her LEWK at the season three premiere of Stranger Things

OK?! Brown showed up to the season three premiere of Stranger Things ready to slay all of the Hawkins monsters, all of the paparazzi, and all of the fans. And she totally succeeded. Brown looks absolutely gorgeous in this ruffled pink party dress boasting a three-part train! Every single detail of this look is flawless.

And just because you deserve to see Brown's beauty up close.

Yes, ma'am, and yes, sir! With pink eye shadow, pink gloss, and the softest touch of pink blush, this look is all-pink everything. Brown also opted for a middle-parted ponytail and jewelry. We stan and we stan and we stan forever.

Which Millie Bobby Brown look is your favorite?!

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