For decades, beauty images have used blonde, blue-eyed white models to portray "the ideal look." But thanks to brands slowly embracing beauty in its many forms, depictions of beauty are slowly transforming to be more inclusive. Now, a Fenty Beauty model's Instagram post proves that times are truly changing for the better. 

A quick Google search for the word "beauty" includes beautifully Black and bald Fenty Beauty model Slick Woods.  

Woods posted about it on her Instagram page after her mother brought it to her attention. 

She captioned her post, "My mom called me today and I told her she's the definition of beauty, thank you @badgalriri for changing the game, reminding every little black girl she is and came from royalty and that all women are beautiful in their own damn way. A beautiful start to a new year and a fresh perspective of what beauty is... whatever tf you want it to be. #googlemebaby."

Although the image results may vary depending on the algorithm, it's definitely significant that Woods, as a Black model with a bald hairstyle, is very different from the "beauty" we often see in media, is included! 

Woods' Instagram followers also rejoiced at seeing the model change how beauty is perceived. 

"Keep working and reminding little black girls that they are worth it and powerful #blackexcellence," one user said on Woods' post. "1000000% changing the game," another follower commented. "Changing the narrative and breaking societal standards THE BLACK GIRL WAY!!!!!" yet another follower enthused. 

This takes place just months after Ashley Graham defended Slick Woods against trolls when the pair took a photo together.

As Revelist reported, Graham slammed the haters for commenting on Woods' and Tracee Ellis Ross' appearance on Graham's Instagram post. "Beauty comes in ALL forms. Slick is gorgeous, and just because it's not what your view of beauty is, doesn't mean you get to call her ugly. Don't come on my page talking negative to anyone...especially my friends," Graham said on the post. 

Although there's still a long ways to go before the beauty industry fully represents the general public, this is a great step in the right direction. 

By having Slick Woods included amongst Google's beauty images, it shows how models of all backgrounds can have a phenomenal impact. I'm here for more Slick Woods in 2018!