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I'm a millennial, and I'm tired. And as much as I love putting on a #FullFace of foundation (winking at you, Kevyn Aucoin The Etheralist Foundation), sometimes I roll out of bed at the last minute, shortly before I have to join the land of the living. Hitting the snooze button for an entire hour is glorious; having a few minutes to put on makeup is not. 

In those cases, I turn to multitasking makeup products to get ready with moments to spare; I have been known to smear a lip/cheek stick while running to catch the train (before I touch the grimy turnstiles, of course). I have a few favorite products I'd like to introduce you to — they are laziness tested and sad girl approved.

Fenty Match Stix does it all.

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When I'm feeling glowy and lazy, which are not diametrically opposed, I reach for my Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Chili Mango. The product glides evenly across skin and doesn't tug at foundation, imparting a soft, buildable glow. I use it on my eyelids and cheeks, and the formula lasts much longer than balm-type products. For best results, you'll want to warm up the Match Stix first; I hold it between my hands or put it on a sunny windowsill for a few minutes.

An eco-friendly tint for all!

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These days, I also exercise frequently, because it helps my gnarly Paragard cramps and boosts my overall mood. And when I'm bench pressing (on the assisted machine, of course, courtesy of my spaghetti biceps), I like to complement my natural, "HELP, MY MUSCLES ARE SCREAMING!" facial flush with a teensy bit of color. The Eco Lip Lip + Cheek Tint in Nude is my go-to; I just smear it on my, uh, lips and cheeks, blot with my fingertips, and bench press like I'm Xena: Warrior Princess. Yes, I like color on my face while I work out. I am a Leo and this is Leo culture.

It has surprisingly good color payoff, and it lasts through my sweaty sesh. The product is vegan and organic, the container is recyclable, and it costs $8.99 — all of which relieve my millennial capitalist and environmental woes.

The Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek makes running errands way less miserable.

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Errands! No one likes them, but they must be done. When I'm forced to go to the Williamsburg post office, I know I'll be waiting a while, so I download some true-crime podcasts and use the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk. The mini size from Sephora costs $14; one tube has lasted me over a year. It's a bright rose color and it doesn't oxidize into red like many colors in this family. With this on my face, I feel comfortable eye-flirting with the other cuties in line waiting miserably for their mail.

Sometimes I use multitasking products when I'm going ~out on the town~.

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For this look, I used the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella to get the red base on my eyelids. It was especially helpful in creating the wing shape, because Lord knows I cannot do it with eye shadow. Obviously, an eye primer was necessary here, but Cruella blended beautifully on my eyelids and didn't move throughout the night as I danced to Vatican Shadow. While I didn't experience any issues, Revelist has reached out to Nars for comment on whether its Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are safe for the eye area.

If you're curious, the glitter comes courtesy of the Marc Jacobs Highlighter Glam Glitter Gel Eyeliner in Glam Jam 37. This pencil is named correctly — it is the jam. The dewy look is actually sweat from dancing in 90-degree weather.

Glowing purple makeup for no reason, except to glow.

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Sometimes products intended for one use can be commandeered for other purposes. Blushes on cheeks and eyes are especially useful for getting a monochromatic look, and can allow you to ~get creative~ with shades you may not ordinarily use. For this look, I used the Urban Decay 8-Hour Afterglow Blush in Bittersweet, a lavender shade. It looks much darker in the pan, but sheers out when applied with a fluffy brush. The blush is aptly named — it was discontinued by Urban Decay, which is so bittersweet.

I also used a packing brush and primer to apply it to my eyelids, with a spot of Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Tonic for shimmer. I also dabbed it on the highest points of my cheeks for more glow. This look was worn around my apartment while I tended to my houseplants, because why not? We're headed toward a climate change crisis, so put on purple blush while you still can!

The MAKE Beauty Blot Pot is my multiuse holy grail.

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I could write a love letter to the MAKE Beauty Blot Pot. It takes under five minutes to apply to my cheeks, eyelids, and lips, and I feel ready to go. The color is beautiful, well pigmented, and flattering on all areas of the face. With my fingertips, it's easy to sheer out the pigment, but having some color on my skin makes me look like I'm not a zombie (nothing against zombies).

One of the most common complaints about multiuse products is that they don't last very long. A fair criticism, I suppose, but allow me to push back. Dealing with mental illness, working from home, and general malaise means that occasionally I don't leave the house for days. And when I do, it may only be for short periods of time, like running downstairs to the bodega or my weekly therapy appointment. And in those cases, I don't need an arsenal of 12-hour coverage and eye primer and mixing medium and setting spray. I just need a spot of color on my face.

The MAKE Beauty Blot Pot lasts through a therapy session!!!

meagan fredette
photo: Courtesy of Meagan Fredette

Here, I'm wearing The MAKE Beauty Blot Pot on my lips, cheeks, and eyelids. The monochromatic look feels put together without any actual effort, and I love the dewy effect. The formula has lasted me through several sobbing sessions at therapy, and sometimes, that's all I need.

Revelist was gifted the Eco Lip Tint from the brand free of charge but that in no way influences the way we comment on or review them.

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