Shortly after partying it up on her home island of Barbados for Carnival, Rihanna made a surprise appearance at a Sephora Conference in Las Vegas. 

There, she revealed the release date, August 15, for Fenty Beauty's new hydrating foundation in 50 shades, and a brand-new product coming later the same month — an eyebrow pencil. 

While most eyebrow products come in black, brown, or blonde, the Fenty brow pencil will come in 14 shades. This may seem like a measly amount by Fenty's standards, but it's a vast improvement when it comes to most eyebrow shades. 

Fans are thrilled by the announcement and are already preparing their wallets for the product's release on August 23. 

Rihanna stopped by Sephora's Store Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. 

The wealthiest woman in music stepped out in a satin lavender suit. At the conference she shared more information about her upcoming hydrating foundation product. The Fenty founder shared that even though the product left a dewy finish, it was definitely not greasy. "It's something we've been working on for a really, really long time. We wanted to perfect it, have the right coverage, the right moisture without it being greasy. You know I'm not very big on greasy — I don't like greasy, I like dewy...," Rihanna revealed in an Instagram post

So, if you were already reeling from that announcement, just wait, there's more. 

Rihanna captioned this post, "When the foundation takeova ain’t ova! we back and badder than ever with a brand new delicious formula. Meet the PRO FILT’R HYDRATING Foundation, and she comes in 50 shades!!" Fenty Beauty rocked the makeup industry by starting out with the widest variety of foundation shades people had ever seen, and it's not stopping there. 

The most exciting reveal at the conference was that Fenty Beauty will now have eyebrow products. 

"Rihanna surprised the Sephora Store Leadership Conference in Vegas and gave them a sneak peek of a product dropping 8/23!" a fan account tweeted along with a video that cuts out just before the good news. 

"I was not going to come all the way to Vegas empty handed," Rihanna chimes. "So, we're going to give you guys an exclusive sneak peek of the ... very next product coming out, and it's...." The video cuts out just before she reveals 14 shades of eyebrow pencils. 

And Fenty fans are excited to say the least. 

"FENTY BEAUTY IS GIVING US EYEBROW PENCILS NOW!!!!!" one person wrote in an excited tweet. The product launches on August 23, and the 14 shades go beyond traditional black, brown, and blonde shades. Based on clips from the conference, there are plenty of shades for redheads ranging from burgundy to bright orange. 

With the endless amount of products and shades from the beauty brand, it's shocking it has taken this long to get brow products. 

One fan, who completely lost their wig at the news, wrote, "I just saw that Fenty Beauty is finally giving the girls an eyebrow pencil." Rihanna has flawlessly executed brows, and who knows how long it's been thanks to her company's product. The pencil has an ultra-fine tip and a styling brush. 

Compared with other brands, 14 shades is an absurd amount of colors. 

From these images shared from a promotional video at the conference, it's clear that beauty buffs will be able to find their perfect match. Other than the announcement at the conference, there has been no further posts on Rihanna's or Fenty Beauty's Instagram and Twitter accounts. Until then, these sneak peeks will have to suffice. 

One fan has already suggested names for the new products. 

"These need to be the names of some new Fenty Beauty products," one person joked in a reply to a tweet that reads, "uninterested unimpressed unavailable unmoved unconcerned uninvolved." With 14 shades, Rihanna has to get her creative juices flowing in order to name all of the colors. These nonchalant synonyms definitely have Fenty Beauty energy.