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If you couldn't get your hands on the sold out "Nightmare Before Christmas" eye shadow palette, don't panic — because I've got some new ideas that will REALLY make 'em scream.

Wait, that just slipped out. I CLEARLY mean that I have excellent news about another life-changing "Nightmare" beauty product.

Turns out that our man Jack Skellington isn't just creating coffin-shaped eye palettes — he's also lending his likeness to a trio of "Nightmare"-themed liquid lipsticks, all in goth queen-approved colors.

Feast your Halloween-loving eyes on the Now and Forever lip collection ($15) from Hot Topic.

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This is a set of three liquid lipsticks ($15, Hot Topic) with Jack's skeleton head as the cap!

The lipsticks come in three goth queen-approved shades — all with wildly fantastical, Burtonesque names.

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The lipstick trio ($15, Hot Topic) includes the blue-purple Shock-ing Plum, the pale pink Oogie Boogie Mauve, and the jet black Skellington Black.

The website says that these products are "liquid lips" and that each color is cruelty free. There's no additional information about the wear or the finish of these shades... are they glosses? Matte liquid lipsticks? Regular, satin-finish lipsticks?

Hot Topic doesn't say... but luckily, one intrepid beauty blogger DID.

Lindsey, who vlogs as Nerdy Girl Makeup, reviewed the "Nightmare" lipsticks and the eye shadow palette on her channel... and discovered something kind of wild about this trio.

Her entire review is really awesome — she starts talking about the lipsticks at around 10:30.

At first, her hand swatches seemed to show that all three of these shades were shiny lip glosses... even though the packaging doesn't say anything about that one way or the other.

"Now that these have sat on my hand for a few minutes, if you look... the black looks like it's dried down, and these two are still glosses."

So there you have it — this lip trio ($15, Hot Topic) contains one matte black liquid lipstick, and two shiny glosses.

Unfortunately, the quality of the three lip colors is mixed.

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In her video review, Lindsey says that she likes the sheer "every day" Oogie Boogie Mauve, found the dark purple Shock-ing Plum "streaky," and thought the matte Skellington Black a little more sheer and prone to streakiness than she would have liked.

She even tried layering the purple gloss over the matte black liquid lipstick — but it didn't improve either product for her. "It just looks like a glossy black now," she said.

So, is this "Nightmare Before Christmas" lip kit worth it? Well, it depends...

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As Lindsey says in her review, it depends! The packaging is definitely cute, so if you're a "Nightmare" superfan, you could do a LOT worse than paying $15 for three lip colors.

But! If you're someone who wants high performance from their makeup — long wear, non-streaky coverage, perhaps something that's fragrance-free — you can definitely find pink, purple, and black lip colors that have a better formula at around the same price point.

So really, it all comes down to the eternal argument — do you stan for a product's packaging, or is the performance the most important thing? Where do *you* stand?