Nikkie de Jager, better known as Nikkie Tutorials, dropped an icy blue surprise on her fans this Tuesday when she revealed her latest makeup review! It appears that the cold war between fellow superstar beauty influencers Jeffree Star and Nikkie Tutorials is officially old, dusty, and dead because she just uploaded a full review of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Collection on her YouTube channel. 

Star and de Jager were once great friends but they mysteriously cut ties and no one really knew what the source of the breakup even was. Now, de Jager has put all old beef to the side in the name of cooking up a frosty blue eye shadow look with the latest from the Jeffree Star makeup brand. 

"Bet you didn’t see this one coming," Nikkie Tutorials wrote on Instagram with a photo of her holding up the eye shadow palette.

"Now up on my YouTube channel: playing with the Jeffree Star BLUE BLOOD Collection + there’s a giveaway." 

De Jager is kind of right. No one really expected her to review the entire Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection but we also aren't really surprised that she isn't sour about Jeffree Star anymore.

After all, the beauty community already suspected that the pair made up in 2018. 

They pair re-followed each other on Twitter last year. Their fans were collectively incredibly surprised as they had not publicly interacted on social media for a least a year at the point. 

Now things have totally changed and Nikkie Tutorials has shown the ultimate public olive branch.

De Jager even went as far as purchasing the Blue Blood collection herself and giving the makeup its own dedicated video. That says a LOT. 

De Jager even paid tribute to Jeffree Star's signature eyebrow-less look by concealing her own just for the tribute video. 

"Since I want to be having a true Jeffree Star moment, I am blocking out my brows and doing a no-brows makeup look today," she explained. "I've never really done a fashion/beauty no-brow makeup look. I've always done it for Halloween. But now, no brows."

De Jager also swiftly addressed the question everyone has: Are she and Jeffree Star still friends?

“Jeffree and I are OK. We are totally fine," she revealed. "Did we have an issue in the past? Absolutely. Did we resolve that as grownups and actually are good with each other now? Absolutely. So here I am today on my channel playing with the Blue Blood Collection.”

In true Nikkie Tutorials style, she slayed her final Jeffree Star-inspired look. Check out her full tutorial video ahead.

Did Nikkie Tutorials slay or did she slay? And better yet, is this eye shadow look going to be Jeffree Star-approved? I guess we'll have to wait and see.