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Maybelline pulled a similar trick for The Buffs collection. Four of the ten shades are passable for women of color with medium skin tones. The darker shades you see are mostly deep reds. 

The Buffs ($7.99 each, Ulta) is a bust! 

Deep wine colors are not NOT nude

According to these lackluster nude collections, dark-skinned beauties who want a "nude" should just suck it up and get a deep, dark red. 

photo: Giphy

Diversity is about more than just fixing the hot button issue of the moment. A huge foundation shade range is trending now, but what about our other makeup needs?

Beauty brands really need to get it together. It's cute that some of you are *trying* to expand foundation ranges after years and years and years of us asking you to — but this isn't where the problem stops.

There seems to *always* have to be a fight for dark-skinned people to be included in the beauty community. Why does our inclusion have to be on a product by product basis? And why do we have to mostly settle for a handful of niche brands that cater to deep skin tones when we could simply be included in ALL mainstream brands? 

Why do brands have to be dragged on Twitter or called out in Instagram comments before they realize that all skin tones should be included in their product ranges?

Dark-skinned people should not be an afterthought. Do better, and serve us with the same care and respect that you provide for lighter-skinned people.

It's about time, don't you think?