The summer makeup sales are just rolling in and we couldn't be happier! We have Macy's 10-day sale going on, E.L.F. Cosmetics slashing 60% off its skin-care and makeup, plus NYX Cosmetics joining in on the fun with a wicked good sale section. Brands are just begging you to update your beauty bags and switch up your routine for the summer. 

We're going to need a vault for all the lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, and beauty tools NYX Cosmetics has available at marked-down prices. We already know it's going to be one tough situation to sift through everything and narrow it down to the best beauty picks. The Revelist team rounded up all the must-have products in the sale. 

Who's ready to upgrade their summer makeup arsenal?! 

In Your Element Shadow Palette - Air ($23, NYX Cosmetics)

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This eye shadow palette was definitely made just for pastel lovers. It features 12 eye shadow shades. The brand threw in two bold neon colors, which are orange and pink. The palette is inspired by the air element.

Midnight Chaos Dual-Ended Liner ($11, NYX Cosmetics)

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Eyeliner has totally taken the spotlight when it comes to summer makeup trends. Treat your look to this sparkly, color-shifting liner. Each limited-edition duo has a matte liquid eyeliner on one side and a duo-chromatic topper on the other. The two shades on sale are Rust/Midnight Rouge, Brown/Moonlit Contrast, and Teal/Metaphysical.

Sprinkle Town Shimmer Eye & Lip Set ($14, NYX Cosmetics)

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Play some glitter this summer with this eye and lip set. It comes with two glitter lip gloss shades and two glitter tubes for creating a sparkly look on the eyes. The colors available are pink and nude. Prepare to sparkle all season long!

Sweet Chateau Soft Matte Lip Cream Set ($14, NYX Cosmetics)

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There's no such thing as too many lipsticks, so bulk up your collection with this four-piece set. These lipsticks have a soft matte finish with a comfy, creamy feel. The colors available are pink, red, teal, and coral. It's the perfect mix of warm and cool shades. 

HD Studio Photogenic Foundation ($14, NYX Cosmetics)

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I know a $14 foundation already has your attention! This foundation is made of light-diffusing technology meant to give your skin a silky-smooth appearance. The foundation comes in 20 shades, but only 10 shades are available in the sale. Check out the site to see if your match is in the mix.

Paradise Fluff Powder Setting Brush ($14, NYX Cosmetics)

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Ready, set, go with this pretty pink brush meant for applying setting powder. It's from the Sugar Trip Brush Collection and reflects its candy pink theme. This makes for some cute counter swag for your bathroom. The best part is that it's only $14. 

Duo-Chromatic Lipstick ($7, NYX Cosmetics)

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These duo-chrome lipsticks totally scream the '90s! If you want to serve up an icy look this summer, then grab one of these fun, shifty colors. The colors available are As If (frosty pink with pink and purple pearl), Chill Chill (frosty blue with blue and purple pearl), Bless (frosty purple with blue and purple pearl), Dayum (frosty green with green and gold pearl), and So Anti (frosty silver and pink with silver and green pearl). You'll be serving vibes somewhere between Spice World and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

In Your Element Lipstick - Wind ($7, NYX Cosmetics)

It's a MATTE made in Heaven! Ha! Get it? Actually, you get more than just a gorgeous matte lipstick. These lipsticks come from the NYX Cosmetics Wind collection. The colors available in the sale are Metallic Brown and Matte Navy. You'll want to grab these cuties quickly before they sell out like the rest of the lipstick collection.

Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter ($5, NYX Cosmetics)

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The highlighter trend is still sticking around for summer 2019! Get your glow on quickly and easily with these convenient liquid highlighter sticks. The formula has light-reflecting sparkles. The feel is meant to be creamy and lightweight. There are eight shades available including Moonbeam (soft pink pearl), State Of Flux (lavender pearl), and Golden Hour (true gold pearl). 

In Your Element Shadow Palette - Wind ($23, NYX Cosmetics)

If you're interested in the cool-toned palette trend and have been wanting a blue-themed palette of your own, then consider this eye shadow palette. It's literally inspired by the wind, so it doesn't get cooler than that. You get 12 shades designed with a silky feel. The palette features a decent mix of sparkles and necessary mattes. Shades range from bright sky blue to deep and stormy gray.