NYX has new matte lipsticks coming out — and they benefit a beautiful cause. It's always great when our makeup addictions serve a higher purpose, right? 

The brand has partnered with celebrity makeup artist Angel Merino to raise money for the LGBTQ+ community with its Luv Out Loud collection. 

NYX and Angel will donate $6000 to The Trevor Project — an organization that fights to keep suicide rates down among LGBTQ+ youth. 

The brand is also hosting a contest that allows people to enter to win $10,000 that will be donated to the charity of their choice. 

All you have to do is post a video of yourself talking about how a part of your life represents one of the empowering shade names in the new collection. 

So what are these shades, you ask?

Oh, they are lovely.

Don't the names make you feel like you can just take over the world with one flick of your lipstick wand? 

Here are close-ups of the colors.






To celebrate his favorite shade, Angel Merino shared what confidence means to him in an Instagram video.

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Angel also shared why it was so important to use makeup to give back to LGBTQ+ youth.

"Partnering with The Trevor Project means so much to me because it is a way for me to give back to the youth in the LGBTQ community," he told PopSugar. "I myself have experienced some very low points in my life, specifically growing up and coming to terms with my sexuality. Growing up, I didn't really have anyone to talk to about the way that I was feeling and the fact that I was different." 

Projects like these make the world a better, more beautiful place.

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Way to go, NYX and Angel. Change the world one donation and one pretty lipstick color at a time!