mimles makeup illusion blurred eyes and lips

I promise this isn't Photoshop (though your eyes probably don't believe me).

photo: instagram/mimles

There's no doubt about it — makeup is an art form. Don't believe me? Allow me to introduce you to Mimi Choi, Instagram's surrealist MUA supreme. From lizard scales to hyperrealistic optical illusions (many of which involve drawing one, two, even eight extra eyes) that make you look twice, Choi's style is SERIOUSLY next level. Check out some of her Dali-esque masterpieces right here, and get ready to have your mind blown.

This second face look is ACTUALLY insane.

Can you believe this is just makeup???

This is LITERALLY how Mimi rolls.

I've heard of a double cut crease, but this is insane.

Apart from optical illusions, Mimi also creates dramatic every day looks.

This was inspired by '60s icon Peggy Moffitt.

As well as AMAZING characters — using nothing more than her brushes.

Makeup is all about creativity and expression. This butterfly effect is by far my favorite.

Inspired by an oil slick, this is pure modern art.

For your Nagini Halloween costume. You're welcome.

Lace lips, anyone?

Pure floral perfection.

Whether you love these looks or they scare you a little, Mimi's incredible makeup skills cannot be denied.

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