pacman game makeup
photo: Pac-Man

'80s and '90s babies, prepare to freak out! A beloved drugstore brand is dedicating a full makeup collection to a beloved video game, and it's a match made in gamer-beauty-loving heaven. That drugstore brand is Wet N Wild Beauty, and the game is none other than Pac-Man

Born in 1980, Pac-Man started off as an arcade game and has since had a series of spin-off video games. There have even been a ton of movies dedicated to the yellow video game icon, including the 2015 film Pixels.

Now you get to drop a little Pac-Man love onto your makeup vanity, and are you stoked? Because I'm STOKED!

The collection first popped up on the internet a few weeks ago. 

Of course, fans began spotting the Wet N Wild Pac-Man collection available in stores outside the U.S. The beauty community immediately fell in love with it based on the display images alone! Per the display, the collection includes a blush palette, an eye shadow palette, a nail polish set, liquid lipsticks, brushes, and more! Fans couldn't wait to get their hands on it, but no one could figure out exactly when it would hit the United States. 

Now SURPRISE! Wet N Wild just blessed the people with a limited-edition set available exclusively at Ulta.

photo: Ulta

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For whatever reason, Wet N Wild Beauty decided to release the collection as a complete vault! The Wet N Wild Pac-Man Limited Edition Collection Box ($70, Ulta). It comes with one Perfect Game Nail Kit, one Waka Waka Waka Eye Shadow Brush, one Waka Waka Waka Powder Brush, A Game Over Color Eye Shadow Palette, four tubes of Ghost Gloss, Bonus Fruit Lip Balm, Bonus Fruit Lip Scrub, the High Score Blush Palette, Power Pellets Highlighter, and Power Pellets Bronzer. In other words, this collection literally has a product to represent every single aspect of the Pac-Man video game!

Itching to know what that Game Over Color Eye Shadow Palette does?

As the star of the collection, it only makes sense that Wet N Wild would really turn up the heat with the packaging and the pigments. From the looks of this close-up of the palette and a look made with the shadows, it appears Wet N Wild did not disappoint in the least. I'm obsessed with the fact that the palette packaging features the iconic Pac-Man maze! The shadows also appear to be as colorful as the graphics in the actual game. 

Just in case you need another eye look to drool over...

Whew! The pigments did not come to play, people. I'm obsessed with the mix of neons and pastels in the palette. The colors look carefully chosen so that they reflect the Pac-Man game and yet are still wearable. These hues are perfect for playful summertime looks.

We also know you love a swatch party, so have a look at this. 

We already know the eye shadows are nice and bold, but check out the pigments from that blush palette! Per the swatches, we'll be getting two shimmery shades and two matte blushes. The colors seem to be a matte rosy pink, a shimmery rose gold, a matte coral, and a shimmery orange blush with golden flecks. Wet N Wild is out to ensure we get that coveted flushed glow, it seems.

Fans of the Pac-Man video game are super excited about this collaboration.

"I’m sure the younger generation has zero appreciation for this according to the comments but as an older beauty lover who grew up in the Pac-Man generation, I just had to have this. Completely awesome and perfect for the fun theme of my beauty room," a fan wrote. 

Um, ditto! I grew up playing Pac-Man, and I'm super in love with the idea of an eye shadow palette inspired by the game. A collaboration like this also makes sense conceptually if you consider that both the video game and beauty industries really value intense color and visuals — graphics for the games and makeup for beauty. 

And still, some fans simply can't get over the cruelty-free drama that Wet N Wild was caught up in only a few weeks ago. 

"Too bad this brand is sketchy [redacted] and lied to their customers for years about being cruelty-free. WILL NOT be buying from them ever," one critic wrote. 

To be fair and accurate, it appears that Wet N Wild's cruelty-free status has not been a huge debate for "years," as the commenter stated. According to reports, Wet N Wild only recently expanded to China in 2018, which still left fans feeling bamboozled, as the brand did not announce this. 

Wet N Wild also maintains that it is a cruelty-free company despite being available in China, where testing on animals is legal and can happen to any cosmetics for sale on shelves. In the event that you still want to scoop up this Pac-Man Collection, it's available now!

If you're feeling the Pac-Man makeup collection but prefer to buy the items individually, then you only have a few more weeks before you can gobble up your faves.

photo: Giphy

The Wet N Wild brand confirmed to Revelist that this collection will launch in July 2019. That gives you a month to make room in your stash, get your coins in order, or do whatever you need to do to prepare for the fun Pac-Man beauty products. Either scoop up the full vault now so you don't have to worry about the individuals selling out or stay tuned for the official release date of the collection sold separately.