Best Pride makeup looks
photo: Instagram/Her_Riot

Happy Pride Month, everyone! The rainbow flags are flying high, and we're ready for the monthlong celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community. And while we're planning out our brightest and boldest outfits, we're also thinking long and hard about what makeup looks will tie them all together. 

Luckily we have the exciting world of Instagram to lead the way. The hashtag #pridemakeup is a literal heaven of rainbow, Pride-inspired makeup looks, and we've pulled together our eight favorites from just this week alone that have us left us in awe. The looks are colorful, for a range of skill sets, and above all, are the perfect way to show your Pride.

Nita Chow

This white-lined rainbow eye look is giving us all the life we need! If you want to re-create it, simply take a packing eye shadow brush and use it to dab on the array of colors across the eyelid. Lightly blend them out and use white eyeliner to drag across the lining of your crease. 


Emanuele Petrini 

We're still picking our jaws up off the ground over this geometric neon look. Wondering how he got that glowing effect? You have the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Drug Lord Velour Liquid Lipstick to thank for that.

Anna Gygi

Now this is how you keep it simple yet extra. Celebrate Pride Month by keeping your look all about liner. Grab all the colors you have and create a gradient effect by lightly smudging each transition with a brush or even with a finger! Follow the arch of your brow and the perimeter of your waterline, then finish it off with a shimmery white shadow near your tear duct. 

Tyra Janea 

When in doubt, draw rainbows on your face! Tyra took her two-style eye shadow look and leveled it up a notch with real-life illustrations of rainbows adorning her flawless skin.

Moda Da Vita MUA

Who said smoky eyes can't be full of color? Don't be afraid, you can try this look for yourself. Simply cover your lids with a black gel liner, and instead of using bronzer try rainbow-colored eye shadows and dust vertically up and down the face. Add some multicolored specks for dimension and adhere some glitter under the eye for added drama. 

Sarah Riot

If you're going to cry this summer, make sure you're crying rainbow tears. This talented makeup lover created a vibrant, violet eye look with hints of pink and orange and extended it down the face with a long rainbow line. To make it even cooler, she lined the "tears" with cheetah-print spots and finished it with a fun teal lip. 

Azeez Gafari

Sometimes the most dramatic eye shadow belongs above the lid rather than on it — just ask Azeez Gafari. If you're wondering how the color on the lid is so much lighter, you can first apply white gel liner all over to create the more hollow effect. And no need for continuity — switch up the colors for each different eye. 

Tika Margarita

An entire rainbow galaxy on one face. This MAC makeup artist may have won Pride with this detailed and intricate look. She turned a simple blue and green eye into an out of this world universe that trailed one side of her face. And after applying a literal rainbow of Pride all over, she finished the look with white stars.

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