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Feast your eyes upon the Princess Jasmine beauty collection!

Primark is making sure all Princess Jasmine fans have a vanity full of goodies that make them feel as magical as the film! The collection features perfume, a glitter body mist, a compact mirror, a brush, a sleep mask, a headband, and a pretty magical-looking eye shadow palette. 

"You may not have a Genie to grant you three wishes, but you don’t need one when you have us," the Primark shared in its official blog. "Our new Aladdin-inspired beauty range has just landed in store, ready for Arabian-night-worthy looks."

Want to smell like Princess Jasmine? Primark's got you covered! 

The brand created this perfume called Making My Own Magic. Wanna know something super cool and thoughtful? The brand made sure this fragrance holds notes of literal "jasmine." I stan a brand that considers the tiny details. 

The body mist is for people who love serving up a glittery skin look. 

There's a catch with this one. The Glitter Body Mist has a fragrance that hasn't been specified just yet. Primark strangely didn't provide any additional details on its product page. You'll have to head to your local Primark to perform your own sniff and glitter test. 

The star of this beauty collection is undoubtedly the eye shadow palette!

The eye shadow palette is called Your Wish Is My Command, which is just too adorable! The palette also has what looks like a decent mix of colors. I see lots of earth tones and neutrals, but Primark didn't shy away from the signature Aladdin jewel tones. This is super surprising since the lack of obviously needed jewel tones was the biggest concern fans had with the Aladdin eye shadow palette released by MAC Cosmetics.

Curious about how those eye shadows actually swatch out?

Yes, these swatches are a little messy visually, but keep your eyes on those pigments. It looks like the Primark eye shadow quality might not be so bad. To be honest, lower-end retail stores do not always come through with decently pigmented shadows (ahem, Hot Topic), but these swatches do not reveal a terrible color payoff at all. This palette is available on the UK Primark website for 8 pounds, which is about $10. That's not a bad price for what I'm seeing in these swatches.

As you already know, swatches only tell part of the tale. Here's how the shadows look on an actual eyelid.

YouTuber Charlotte Thristan swatched the shadows, then created this look with them. She went for a smoky, warm look using pinks and reds. Overall, Thristan did think the palette was decent. "One thing I would say is I wish the palette did have more matte colors," she said. 

Would you purchase it?

There's only one bummer about this Aladdin beauty collection.

I hate to rain on your magic carpet ride, but unfortunately, it looks like this Aladdin collection is only available in the UK for now. The products are only for sale on the UK Primark website.  There is no mention of an Aladdin collection on the US Primark page. Aladdin fans in the United States will have to keep making their genie wishes for now. Hopefully, the collection will find its way over here well before the summer ends. 

Fans are already sad about how fast the collection is selling out in the UK, which is actually a good sign for US Primark lovers.

"Really wanted to buy one of the perfumes but they sold out in my store and havnt [sic] been in for over a week. :( Everything else is there," one fan wrote on the Primark Beauty Instagram page. If the collection is selling well in the UK, then that's a pretty good sign that the retailer could expand and bless its US shoppers who want to buy it online or in person. Let's hope so, because all Aladdin fans deserve this beauty moment that Primark is having right now.

All eyes and ears on the Primark website and social media pages!

Go ahead and follow the main Primark account on Instagram. You can also turn on your notifications for the brand's beauty Instagram account and its Primark USA page. This way, you'll hear about the new collection dropping in the US as soon as a social media announcement is made. In the meantime, you can also shop the MAC Collection, which has its own makeup dedicated to Princess Jasmine. There's also Hot Topic, which just dropped a MASSIVE Aladdin collection full of everything from clothes to beauty to jewelry. 

Cheers for Aladdin merch for all!