Promise Tamang is more than a makeup artist; the woman is a contour magician. She's transformed into everything from a REAL life Bratz Doll (those eyes!) to Cardi B's clone

Since Thomas Halbert started the Youtube trend of beauty influencers following each other's tutorials, it was only a matter of time before Promise crashed the party with her amazing makeup skills.

She followed a makeup video by Nikkie Tutorials and now you may have hard time deciding who is who!

First, let's start with this side by side of Promise Tamang and Nikkie Tutorials. They are beautiful and talented and do not look alike. 

That is, until Promise Tamang decided to transform with the flick of her brush!

"I'm always doing over the top dramatic transformations and for a change, I want to do a very beautiful every day glam type of look," Tamang shared at the beginning of Nikkie's tutorial.

Are you *sure* this is about to be a low-key look, Promise?

She proceeded to follow Nikkie Tutorials' every move.

From brush stroke to lash application, every step was precise. 

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The closer she got to completing a full face, the more something strange (yet super beautiful) started to happen.


Her look REALLY began coming together when she used Nikkie Tutorials' fuller lip contour trick: using liner to outline the cupid's bow only.


I think I may have to put that cupid's bow hack to the test in the near future. 

By the time Promise spread a gold topper on her pink lips, the resemblance started to poke through even more. 


And THEN!? Consider her final look one big mind screw.

Someone phone the Netherlands to be sure Nikkie Tutorials is safely tucked away in her beauty studio. 

Promise Tamang just dropped the mic and left the stage with this beauty guru tutorial! In her place is a Nikkie Tutorials clone who may or may not be out to steal the real Nikkie's identity. 

Watch Promise Tang's full transformation into Nikkie Tutorials down below.

Kudos to Promise for nailing this fun beauty challenge.