Pumpkin spice latte season is upon us — and that means the flavorful fall drink is showing up in more than just our Starbucks cups. We've got pumpkin spice latte bags (PSL, but make it fashion!), highlighter, and really any beauty product you can think of. 

And because our obsession with PSLs is never, ever too much — we've got pumpkin spice latte eye art. 

Makeup artist, Amanda D., has just given the world Pumpkin Spice Latte eye art and the design is as sweet as the beverage.

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Now *this* is how you spice up your fall makeup looks. Yummy-looking right? 

Amanda used Jeffree Star's matte white liquid lipstick in the white Drug Lord shade ($18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics) to create the Starbucks cup and whipped cream topping. 

The Jeffree Star green liquid lipstick shade called Dirty Money ($18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics) was used to create the iconic Starbucks mermaid, straw, and pumpkin stems. The brand's Dominatrix Velour is the brown liquid lipstick that creates the pumpkin spice froth at the top. 

The pumpkin orange shadow base was created with Smashbox Cosmetics the Bold Cover Shot palette ($29, Macy's)

And the pretty PSL isn't the only fun eye art that Amanda serves on her Instagram page. She celebrated the first day of fall with Autumn leaves.

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She also went all out with apple eye art for the back-to-school kiddos.

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And fries go atop eyes because, well, why not?

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