If you're a goth queen who loves rainbows, here's something that's going to tickle your ~strange and unusual~ heart — Bitter Lace Beauty, the indie brand behind the now-iconic pastel rainbow highlighter — has released a new BLACK RAINBOW highlighter just in time for Halloween.

Saw hello to Moonbow, Bitter Lace Beauty's limited edition Halloween highlighter. It's a literal GOTH RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER.

Moonbow ($28, Bitter Lace Beauty) is BLB's newest shimmer. Per the brand, Moonbow "is made from a spectrum of 6 blackened Prism shades. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet all lined up to create a deep dark spectrum of color. This illuminator has a mix of fine and large shimmers to make for a more intense and metallic finish. Use this shade as a multi-purpose product on your eyes, lips, face, nails and body."

And just LOOK at this highlighter swatched. Dark rainbow magnificence!

You may remember Bitter Lace's Prism highlighter — the original rainbow shimmer palette that started a major trend.

You can see that Prism, up top, is a much more subtle rainbow — Moonbow is a darker, vampier, sparklier rainbow.

Moonbow can be also be worn mixed up into a multicolored shimmery petrol-black shade, as shown right here.

bitter lace moonbow
photo: Bitter Lace Beauty

Hello? Can you imagine this as a smoky eye base? PERFECTION. ($28, Bitter Lace Beauty)

Moonbow will come in a limited-edition black and red metallic compact — because Halloween, obviously.

Moonbow is, as all dark rainbows must be, VERY limited edition — so goth queens, get to shopping NOW.

You can only buy this spooky rainbow highlighter on the Bitter Lace Beauty website... so if you want to take your love of shine to another level, get to shopping now.

Happy shopping, queens!