Check out the new Best of Both Worlds palette that's got Instagram and Twitter freaking out. 

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This baby is BIG! The palette ($25, Kissed By JK Cosmetics) has 35 shadows, and it appears the bottom row features seven pressed glitter shades to help you achieve peak sparkle.

Everyone is invited to this palette swatch party:

The color and finish variety on this palette is practically unheard of! Cool tones, warm tones, shimmers, pressed glitter, mattes, brights, neutrals, my feelings, your thoughts — EVERYTHING is in this gorgeous palette.

This is perfect for people who ADORE those viral pressed glitter palettes but miss the matte finishes and don't want to have to double up on palettes every time they want a glitter look.

Can you handle this sparkle? 

I can't.

This palette is also an answer for people who are over the nude palettes and looking for palettes with bright colors this spring and summer.

The mattes seems to be just as bright and pigmented as the glitter and shimmer shadows.

Here's an exclusive image of me completely losing it over this palette! 

photo: Giphy

This is just what I needed — what we ALL needed.

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