Politics brings out our most passionate, deeply held beliefs. And now that the 2020 primary election season is in full swing, everyone has an opinion about the field of Democratic candidates, including those who've already bowed out of the race. 

Redditors on r/BeautyGuruChatter are taking a breather from the fight over single-payer healthcare, immigration reform, and other crucial issues, and having a little bit of fun. They have "roastfully" paired the presidential candidates with the beauty brands that most resemble their campaigns. Leave it to the internet to compare the wealth tax with eye shadow!

Michael Bloomberg as Morphe

The fun kicked off when Abby Williamson, in her latest video, said that Michael Bloomberg is like Morphe Cosmetics because "they have questionable choices, they collaborate with questionable people...nobody knows how they have the amount of money and the amount of resources that they have. And then they slap their name on everything, but nobody wants it."

Excuse me, can Williamson get a cable news contributor deal? Because this is the most spot-on political analysis OF THE ELECTION CYCLE.

Elizabeth Warren as Glossier

Elizabeth Warren is like Glossier, wrote u/glitter_topcoat, because she's "very good but no one's holy grail." OK, this is totally accurate. However, I would like to add that Glossier Cloud Paint is totally my holy grail!

Joe Biden as Urban Decay

"Biden is Urban Decay," wrote u/HangryHenry. And why's that? Brace yourself for this cutting wordsmithery: "Been around for ages. Done some good stuff. Some bad stuff. Kicked off the whole palette/healthcare trend. But now is kind of dated, not quite keeping up with the competition but is definitely not terrible." I'M SCREAMINGGGGG.

Bernie Sanders as ColourPop Cosmetics

Bernie Sanders as ColourPop Cosmetics was pointed out by a couple users, and it makes the most sense. Both are all about keeping costs fair for hardworking Americans, while giving us quality goods in new, interesting concepts. Plus, both appeal to the youth.

Amy Klobuchar as Bareminerals

Amy Klobuchar as Bareminerals is hilarious and correct and that is not a knock against the brand or the senator from Minnesota! One user provided a great roast writing that Klobuchar claims "she's good for everyone, but every time I come into contact, I come away irritated and sad." Ouch! No one ever said politics was for the thin-skinned.

Donald Trump as Jeffree Star Cosmetics

But the most astute observation may be from u/Elise24: "Jeffree Star Cosmetics is 100% Trump. Racist, terrible, doesn’t perform even 10% as well as his stans claim he does, and yet still has an army of rabid fans who defend him no matter what. No matter what he does, no matter how heinous, it never seems to change his approval rating." 

WOW. Somebody call the Secret Service, I think we just witnessed a beauty shoe-throwing attempt. Did I just age myself with that reference? Yes, yes, I did.