Rihanna is the gift that keeps on giving. From her pop records to the blessing that is her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line — people can't get enough of her.

And just when fans think they know *everything* about Bad Gal RiRi, they notice something that's been in their faces (and on her face) the entire time: a freakishly flawless Cupid's bow!

Truly, Rihanna's Cupid's bow was hand-sculpted by a higher power.

Shall we explore this?

Here's an extreme close-up of Rihanna's blessed natural lips. 

This V-shaped Cupid's bow is pure magic.

Rihanna's Cupid's bow is EVERYTHING.

Naturally, Rihanna brought her lips to the Sephora Milan launch of Fenty Beauty. Her makeup artist put Gloss Bomb ($18, Sephora) on her and topped it with the Matchstix Shimmer Skin stick ($25, Sephora) in the shade Rum.

The glow of her lips further highlighted the Cupid's Bow, and the internet hasn't been OK since these Sephora Milan photos dropped.

"Is Rihanna's Cupid's bow even fair?" a fan wrote on Twitter.

Actually, no. It's not.

Her Cupid's bow draws out SERIOUS emotions.

This video was supposed to be about Rihanna promoting Fenty Beauty's new Body Lava luminizer ($59, Sephora) — but all fans could see was Rihanna's most mesmerizing feature.

"Look Rihanna's Cupid's bow is on a whole 'nother level," one fan commented on the video. "I'm in love, I'm mad, and I'm crying."

Another person wrote, "Was anyone else staring at Rihanna's lips the entire video? Her Cupid's bow has more structure than my life." 


Rihanna shared this photo to again promote her new Body Lava and Fairy Bomb pom pom ($42, Sephora).

photo: Twitter/Fenty Beauty

As sparkly as the products look on her skin, that Cupid's bow still stole the spotlight.

"God used a protractor to draw Rihanna's Cupid's bow. No way," a fan commented on the photo.

"Good morning to Rihanna's Cupid's bow and Rihanna's Cupid's bow only," a fan wrote on Twitter.

There are whole Twitter photo collages dedicated to Rihanna's Cupid's bow. 

If Rihanna's Cupid's bow got an entire appreciation week, it would be well-deserved.

Rihanna's lips alone will snatch your wig, your edges, your secrets, everything.

"Reminder that Rihanna's cupid's bow will SNATCH YOUR EDGES and that's all on it's own," one fan wrote with this Fenty Beauty ad. "Surrounded by the rest of her lovely face, it is undefeated."

People are so taken with her lips they wished Rihanna *and* her Cupid's bow a happy birthday this year.

February 20th: The day Rihanna *and* her Cupid's bow entered the world and saved it from doom. 

Here's another look at the Cupid's bow that rules them all — just because: 

photo: Giphy