We've come to expect limitless Fenty Beauty makeup surprises from Rihanna. She's always surprising her loyal customers with sneak peeks of makeup in her Instagram pictures. On another day, she'll drop new product announcements on us while giving us mere days to prepare for its release. That's simply the fun of being a Fenty Beauty fan. 

Rihanna's recent Fenty Beauty surprise is a rainbow of new makeup that has never been released by the brand before. And as usual, we've already seen her wearing it; we simply didn't know what it was or when it would be coming. It's going to be one colorful summer if the Bad Gal has anything to do with it!

Prepare your heart for these cool new products because they look DELICIOUS. 

Rihanna is blessing the masses with three colorful eyeliner trios!

fenty beauty
photo: Fenty Beauty

Rihanna doesn't want us to just play with one bright eyeliner shade. She wants us to play with multiples! 

"Blaze a new trail with Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trios," Fenty Beauty shared in its press release. "With super smooth precision and glide, these liquid eyeliners deliver soft neon effects that work for everyone —  tropical pops (Baeside), chic pastels (Baecae), or vibrant bolds (Baewatch)." 

These nine eyeliners come in three different sets that are perfect for summer. The set shown here is Baeside and from right to left, the shades are Papaya Mama (bright orange), Lime Feva (lime green), and Skinny Dip (blue).

Say "hello" to the Baecae trio which offers the perfect spring colors. 

fenty beauty eyeliner
photo: Fenty Beauty

From left to right, these shades are Hottie Alert (pink), Wet TShirt (white), and Banana Blaze (soft yellow).

Snag the Baewatch eyeliner trio for all bold shades. 

photo: Fenty Beauty

From left to right, these shades are Hollapeño (green), Techno Beet (deep pink), and Hot Tub Club (electric blue).

Now peep ALL of the liner shades together.

The shades are Purpsicle (purple), Alpha Doll (light pink), Go Deep (azure blue), Tropic Tantrum (neon pink), Motor Boat (light blue), and Hot Blooded (bright red). 

My eyes need this eyeliner in every color available. *goes to make room in the beauty stash* 

Of course, Rihanna isn't going to let a season go by without treating us to another fabulously bright lips situation. Poutsicle is coming just in time for summer, folks!

fenty beauty poutsicle
photo: Fenty Beauty

Surprise! Fenty Beauty now has a brand new lipstick with a totally different formula from its Stunna and Mattemoiselle collections! The shade above is a neon orange hue called Sun Snatched. 

"Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick hugs your lips in bold, luscious color and a juicy satin finish that makes your pout pop," Fenty Beauty shared. "In seven hyper-vivid shades, Poutsicle comes in an irresistible range of hues for all skin tones to show off."  


Rihanna has been preparing our wigs for this moment for the longest. 

This is her at Coachella for her Fenty x Puma party in 2018. She wore Baecae Vivid Eyeliner Trio in the Hottie Alert shade.

And do you remember that fire white eyeliner look she wore to Virgil Abloh's first Louis Vuitton runway show?!

It was new Fenty Beauty all along! She wore Baecae Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trio in the shade Wet TShirt. I have to say I knew this was a sneak peek. She wore an all-white ensemble just to show it off and at this point, we should all know Rihanna will not be featuring any makeup prominently unless it's Fenty Beauty. 

And of course, Fenty Beauty flat-out told us that new goodies were on the way and featured in Rihanna's most recent Harper's Bazaar shoot.

You really should have gotten your coins together for the Fenty drop when this cover first hit the internet. This was the rainbow preview. 

Rihanna is wearing Purpsicle, Sun Snatched, Tropic Tantrum, and Motorboat.

Catch these liner swatches and get your life.

These liners look very creamy and opaque. Rihanna came to DELIVA! This limited-edition Fenty Beauty collection will be available on May 10. We have nine days to let your bank account know what the deal us. 

Rihanna has already given us the summer forecast: It's going to be HOT AF!