Rihanna may be one of the few celebrities who knows just how to break her fans' hearts and make them smile at the same time. If you're part of the Rihanna Navy, then you know watching the 2019 Met Gala felt exactly that way. Every year, Rihanna shows up closer to the end of the red carpet appearances and wows the world. For the past three years, the singer turned beauty mogul has earned the uncontested best-dressed label. 

Naturally, fans waited with expecting hearts for the queen to appear at this year's Met Gala to slay and seat everyone, but it didn't happen. Instead, she hit fans with... a new Fenty Beauty tease?

Celebrity after celebrity made their red carpet rounds as we waited for the real belle of the ball to arrive. 

Every Met Gala, one of the most popular Twitter questions is, "Where is Rihanna?" In 2017, that question literally trended on Twitter. People just assume that the Met Gala belongs to her, even before she was named the official host for 2018. After all, what celebrity do you know serves looks at her level and that consistently? Rihanna IS the Met Gala.

Unfortunately, Rihanna gave us two clues that she wouldn't be attending the biggest night in fashion for 2019. The first was a post about Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

Rihanna basically posted an Instagram photo of Anna Wintour to confirm who she felt owned the pink carpet. "Best dressed," she wrote on Instagram along with a heart emoji. Everyone knows that Rihanna is best dressed every year. Even in all her relatable humility, Rihanna knows this herself. 

I took her statement as the ultimate proof that the Met Gala would be Bad Gal-less. 

"I will consider this tweet confirmation that our babe ain't coming to the Met this year," I wrote on Twitter. "She's still watching with us though, like a true fashion gyal." 

Since almost the beginning of her career, she's been into fashion in a much deeper way than many other pop stars. It only made sense that even if Rihanna missed the Met, she wouldn't really miss the met. Our girl is always plugged in. Yes, even when she's hurting us by not gracing us with her glamorous presence. 

But leave it to Robyn Rihanna Fenty to dry our tears with a very special surprise.

Peep Rihanna's second Instagram confirmation that she wouldn't be attending the Met Gala. Do you see what I see?

"Rihanna at home playing with that f***** makeup," a fan wrote on Twitter. First of all, let us all acknowledge how HILARIOUS this tweet is. The post totally captures our love/hate relationship with how hard Rihanna goes for Fenty Beauty. We've been begging her for an album while she's been building her cosmetics empire. It hurts our feelings because we've been aching for new hits, but it also makes us exceptionally happy. 

Anywho, Rihanna screen-shotted the post with a photo of a cluster of Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb ($18, Sephora) lip glosses. She also added a shrug emoji to basically confirm that yes, she skipped out on the Met. And yes, she has a makeup situation going on.

Fenty Beauty also confirmed as much on Twitter. 

The brand retweeted the griping tweet. Of course, it added a hilarious, "And????" Fans wholeheartedly believe this means new Fenty Beauty is coming. They're also forgiving Rihanna for abandoning us to handle her business. When you stan an excellent celebrity, you have to just accept the hustle without the entertainment sometimes, right? 

Fans are here for it. even if they aren't the happiest about her not showing up to show out.

"@Rihanna playing with her @fentybeauty at home, judging the looks knowing she would’ve won #MetGala if she went," one fan wrote.

No can dispute this as if it isn't fact. After all, we know no other reality than Rihanna killing the Met Gala every time she touches down. 

Other people suggested that maybe Rihanna is just bored with the event now. 

After three years of slayage with no remote competition, wouldn't you be? Maybe she wanted to sit back, work on Fenty Beauty, and lift her foot off of all Hollywood necks for once. I get it, Queen. Also, go ahead and tease out another look at those fresh Gloss Bomb shades. We are READY. 

We should also keep in mind that this isn't the first time Rihanna has teased a new Gloss Bomb in her Instagram stories. 

This was the very first glimpse we had of what we now know is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb ($18, Sephora) in the shade Diamond Milk. She just casually popped a photo into her Instagram Stories of her unzipped Balenciaga bag with the new shade sitting in there partially blocked out by the shade. At the time, only one shade existed, which was Fenty Glow. Now we also know this is just how Rihanna likes to tease her products.

Nevertheless, fans want these new Gloss Bomb shades like yesterday. 

"Need a peach and a coral [and] maybe a cherry red or orange-red. Oooo a gold would be gorg," one fan wrote. Another fan doesn't care what the colors are. They simply adore the formula. "Best gloss I’ve ever used. Hands down," she wrote. "Yes, I have been waiting for this. I see a blue and [an] orange maybe," another person shared.

So let's go ahead and start celebrating the new Gloss Bombs and Rihanna's Met Gala 2020 appearance. 

The Gloss Bombs will likely drop this year, judging by the time Rihanna usually takes between the initial tease and the product launch date. Still, we're going to have to wait an entire year to see Rihanna slay the Met Gala again. Sigh. Let's just hope Rihanna is planning that look right this very minute.