The Bad Gal herself

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Rihanna is a multi-faceted artist and businesswoman. Everything about her oozes confidence and consideration. It's no surprise Fenty Beauty is an extension of that consideration: the line is the most inclusive makeup line out there — serving ALL shades of skin.

Yes, she uses models — beautiful ones — but no one holds a candle to the woman herself, Bad Gal RiRi.

And Rih doesn't limit her Fenty Beauty promotion to just product launches or press interviews — she's a living, breathing testament to the gorgeousness of her makeup brand. Here are some of the most memorable times that Rihanna was Fenty's best ambassador.

When she gave us 40 shades.

Fenty Beauty broke out onto the beauty world and changed the game. The line boasts over 40 shades of foundation — serving people of ALL skin tones.

The line sold out of its darkest shades across the country in hours, disproving the outdated idea that dark complexion shades don't sell.

And Fenty created major change in the beauty world, with more brands than ever before embracing true inclusion in their foundation launches.

When she gave us diversity.

Rihanna gives us diverse models and she gives us diversity on her Instagram. One lucky model who gets a lot of face time is Slick Woods.

Slick's unique beauty is the perfect fit for Fenty Beauty, as well as Fenty X Puma, AND Savage X Fenty. Rihanna started Fenty Beauty to make everyone feel beautiful — Slick's free-spirited attitude is the perfect complement to that.

When she practically invented the color yellow.

The launch of Fenty Beauty deserved a show-stopping outfit, but it was very generous of Rihanna to totally invent the color yellow to do so.

Seriously though, I didn't know that yellow was going to be the most important color of the season. No one did. Scratch that. Rihanna did.

Two words: Trophy Wife. The bright gold highlighter isn't just a shimmery product, it's a fashion lifestyle. Use it, love it.

When she teases Fenty products in surprising places.

Rihanna is a fashion icon, and it just so happened that her S/S '18 Fenty x Puma runway show was mere months after the launch of Fenty Beauty. And if you look at that highlight, you might recognize a familiar pink/purple shine...

Did Rihanna cross over, and boast that her entire makeup look was brought to you by Fenty Beauty? Yes. Yes, she did. More importantly, can you blame her?

When she breaks outdated beauty rules.

If you're like me, blue eye shadow conjures up visions of old ladies in '80s TV shows. The beauty rules say that this is a shadow shade that SHOULD NOT BE WORN... until Rihanna proves us all wrong.

But here is Rihanna, wearing blue eye shadow and looking gorgeous. Her fearless attitude says "Take your makeup rules and shove 'em". This woman's face is undefeated!

When she makes filters cool again.

I'm pretty sure Rihanna invented Instagram filters — and whenever she uses them, she makes sure to tag @fentybeauty or @savagexfenty, depending on what she's teasing in her Instagram Story.

And whenever she does, I am reminded that my highlighter supply is low. She's a genius.

When her lingerie shoots make us NEED her lipstick. 

What Fenty Beauty did for color representation, Savage has done for size representation. The lingerie line goes from size 00 to 24, and the ads include women of all shapes and sizes.

And whenever Rihanna is photographed wearing her best Savage X underthings, we also need to know what Fenty Beauty products are gracing her face. That's some powerful crossover.

When she turned the entire "Valerian" press tour into a Fenty Beauty ad.

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The movie "Valerian" was released several months before Fenty Beauty saw the light of day. But on the film's press tour, Rihanna was low-key debuting a rainbow of Fenty Beauty products — and the world didn't even know it at the time.

Pretty sneaky, Rih.

When she nails every product launch.

In April 2018, Fenty Beauty launched its Beach, Please! summer collection. In true Rihanna style, she gave her fans the first look through a truly hilarious makeup tutorial done in partnership with Vogue. Remember when she said her vibe for summer is "more is more"?

Who told her she could be funny and sparkle like that?!?!

When even her music videos are teases for upcoming Fenty launches.

The "Wild Thoughts" video debuted a look that snatched everyone's wigs clean off. The vibe was Caribbean party sexiness, and as we now know, was the world's first ever look at the bestselling Moroccan Spice palette. That palette wouldn't launch for months, but everyone was talking about her turquoise eye shadow — talk about genius marketing!

When she SLAYS the Met Gala.

rihanna met gala 2018
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The theme of this year's Met Gala was "Heavenly Bodies," which is only fitting. Rih's look was a jewel-encrusted ivory sensation topped with a Pope-inspired headpiece.

Jaws dropped. Cameras flashed. And we were left wondering, could the face be courtesy of Fenty Beauty products exclusively? YES. YES. AND YES AGAIN.

When she teases eyeliner at major events.

Like Fenty Beauty, the Diamond Ball is Rihanna's creation, and, as such, is an opportunity for Rih to SHUT THINGS DOWN. 

This year's Ball featured Rihanna dripping in diamonds and serving Morticia Adams realness with sophistication — and is that perfect black eyeliner the only-launched-now liquid Flyliner??

The world may never know.

When she singlehandedly makes body glitter cool again.

There's nothing Rihanna can't do, and there's no previously deceased trend that she can't bring back to life.

Case in point — body glitter. It was out until Rihanna said it was "in" again, and now every brand on Earth is trying to dupe her super-shimmery Body Lava.

When she demolishes Coachella.

Rihanna is the best dressed person at Coachella EVERY year. How fly does your eye makeup have to be to pull of a patterned ski mask? Answer: Rihanna fly. 

When she hits Crop Over.

A longstanding celebration in Rih's homeland of Barbados is Crop Over, an annual festival — and party — celebrating the end of the sugar cane harvest.

Even though Rihanna attends Crop Over every year, every year she debuts a new outfit and beauty look — and nobody is ready. Even Pharrell resorted to some fangirling, commenting, "Damn" several times on her most recent Crop Over posts. Even Chris Brown chimed in.

These poor boys.

When she shows the world that you can be glamorous AND socially engaged.

Rihanna is passionately involved with social justice issues.

She supported Mia Amor Motley, the first female Prime Minister of Barbados, and called out the failings of the criminal justice system with causes like #JusticeForJunior and #FreeCyntoiaBrown.

Loving glamour doesn't mean abandoning social justice — and Rihanna shows her fans what it really looks like when you use your voice, and your platforms, to speak out for good.