Rihanna single-handedly stopped the world and changed the game when she launched Fenty Beauty in September 2018. 

The pop star's fans were already excited about her beauty brand from the moment the Instagram account popped up with its simple black and white logo. For a while, the account just sat there with zero updates and no release date. Fans couldn't figure out exactly what we would get from Fenty Beauty. Rihanna gloss? A few lipsticks? More perfumes? No one could have imagined the beauty industry giant that Fenty Beauty would go on to become in such a short time frame — or the blessed copycats that would follow.

When Rihanna announced that Fenty Beauty would have a whopping 40 foundation shades on the launch date, the entire cosmetics industry was shook. Only a few beauty brands (such as Make Up For Ever) even had 40 foundation shades in their lineups, and many of those still didn't answer the need for more diverse undertones. 

Pre–Fenty Beauty, most brands would release lighter shades and add darker hues over time — if darker shades were added at all. It was acceptable to release a small foundation shade range and to force dark-skinned makeup lovers to use a limited amount of brands. Today, the Fenty Effect is in... well, full effect, and brands such as Morphe, ColourPop, and Huda Beauty have all released larger foundation shade ranges that likely would not be as expansive if it weren't for Ms. Robyn Fenty turning 40 shades into the rule as opposed to the exception.

The new standard: Either release a decent shade range or be dragged by the entire beauty community, à la Tarte Cosmetics, Givenchy, and Jouer Cosmetics. Now that Fenty Beauty has adjusted the beauty climate, things will never be the same. Fenty face or bust!