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Rihanna fans have been anxious after her suspicious silence in the past month or so following her Mattemoiselle lipstick drop — after all, Fenty Beauty diehards want more! Luckily, that's exactly what they got yesterday after Rihanna teased new Fenty Beauty body glitter on her Instagram story.

But that may not be all Rihanna was showing off. If you look closely at Rihanna’s Instagram story, she's wearing a brown bralette that may be our first look at her alleged lingerie line with Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. Yup: We're all one step closer to living the full Fenty lifestyle.

While everyone else was fixated on the new body glitter, we were zeroing in on that brown bralette.

Although you can't see the whole bralette, it appears to be a plunge design with thick straps. I mean, she could have worn ANYTHING else in this video drop. Plus, Rihanna tends to wear her own products around before revealing them to the masses.

Although Rihanna and TechStyle haven't officially declared they'll be working on a lingerie line, whatever Rihanna was wearing certainly looked gorgeous! 

Plus, as Brown girls know, it can be hard to find a nude bralette — so this potential sneak peek is meaningful. 

Fabletics and its sister companies are known for their affordability too, so I would be thrilled if inexpensive, well-made bralettes for a range skin tones were designed by Rihanna.

Now all we need is for it to be size-inclusive, and it'll truly be a groundbreaking line!

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