Of course, we've got the receipts to back up this new red-velation. Behold:

The Glamour Goals Twitter account just shared the first sneak peak of the unreleased Fenty Beauty red liquid lipsticks. 

It appears that Fenty Beauty's lipstick packaging will be a tad similar to the Christian Louboutin nail polish design. Not bad at all.

And before you think this is all Photoshop and no action, peep this glimpse of the pointy liquid lipstick tops on the Fenty Beauty desk.

Look at it cozying up right next to Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb.

We gave Rihanna a pass for having only one lip gloss, since 40 foundations really is such a monument — but people have been asking for more lip products since the launch.

Even I rushed to Sephora on the morning of the Fenty Beauty debut to see what cool lip products were available. I was a *tad* bummed out when I discovered that Gloss Bomb ($18, Sephora) was all for now.

I quickly got over it but I've still been thinking about what lip colors Rihanna should launch next and SOON.

And really, when has Rihanna EVER let us down!?

photo: Giphy

Exactly. Get prepaRED. Liquid lipstick is coming and that Rihanna red is about to be unstoppable!