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Rihanna, 2017 queen.

photo: Fenty Beauty

It's signed, sealed, and undisputed: Rihanna won 2017 like it was the Slayage Olympics. 

The Rihanna reign never lets up, but this year it just went BEYOND. Here are 21 reasons why 2017 belonged to the Bad Gal only.

Let's get it out of the way: Everyone knows Fenty Beauty was a complete smash this year. 

Rih raked in $72 million during Fenty Beauty's first month, but it was SO much more than a money maker. She re-centered the conversation about inclusive makeup by releasing 40 foundation shades — and that was just her makeup debut! 

Fenty Beauty also upended stereotypes about darker people in bright lip colors, and big lips with red lipstick

Rihanna's brand is shaking the table and changing the beauty game!

Rihanna revived the Puma brand and made it a street style staple with her Fenty X Puma collections.

Most people think Rihanna merely has a line with Puma, but the Bad Gal has actually been creative director of the Puma's womenswear vertical since 2014

Our lady is a BOSS!

She had the ladies strutting through the streets in furry slides and stepping out in school-themed gear for Instagram street style shots. 

Another fun fact: Fenty x Puma has also made its music video debut when Cardi B performed in the Motorsport video alongside the Migos and Nicki Minaj. 

She rode a motorcycle on the New York Fashion Week runway during her own Fenty X Puma fashion show.

So bad ass!

Our girl didn't just grace one Vogue magazine cover this year...

She channeled the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti for Vogue Arabia.

...She slayed TWO.

This is Rihanna with three different Vogue Paris covers for the December 2017 issue.

Somehow Rihanna also found time to release a summer smash with DJ Khaled. 

photo: Giphy

Admit it: You danced to "Wild Thoughts" at more than a few parties this summer!

Even without a new album out, Rihanna was still the most streamed artist on Spotify for 2017.

She beat out Taylor Swift (#2), Selena Gomez (#3), Ariana Grande (#4), and Sia (#5) — with no album out. 

Sigh. That is some *serious* queen shit. 

Rihanna appeared in the "Valerian" movie as the sauciest stripper ever in life!

photo: Giphy

Rihanna played the magical stripper "Bubbles" in the action-film, which also starred supermodel Cara Delevingne.

She transformed into Mermaid Rihanna for Crop Over in Barbados, and dropped every jaw on the internet. Behold:

Rihanna looked like a straight up goddess and enchanted us in jewels, feathers, mermaid hair, and undeniable curves.

Speaking of curves: Robyn Fenty also got thick AF  this year and we loved it. More importantly, SHE loved it!

Rihanna's curves were a huge topic of discussion this year. 

There were some invasive opinions and questions shared online but for the most part, people celebrated Thickanna — because just look at her!

"Young. Black. Thicc," Rihanna wrote in an Instagram caption to celebrate her body. Yasss!

Never forget Rihanna didn't just slay the Met Gala; she WAS the Met Gala.

Rihanna was the Met Gala red carpet's grand finale and she was all anyone could talk about. Her name rang bells so loudly at the event that she was named the co-host of Met Gala 2018.

In the words of Rih Rih: Hold ya wigs!

What other pop star hung out with Prince Harry for World AIDS Day this year? 

She shined bright like a diamond beside Prince Harry as they joined forces to celebrate AIDS awareness on World AIDS Day in Barbados. 

Our fave also got a new bae — a HOT one!

Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel managed to steal Rihanna's heart while ALL of us weren't looking. They've been spotted making out in pools, grabbing coffee, and basically living their best lives —and it's cute AF.

Yes, let that love life flourish like your bank account, Rih!

Don't forget the popping shoe collaboration she had with Manolo Blahnik.

The So Stoned collection dropped on July 6 and the shoes were the most elegant, classy bejeweled things ever.

Since she made Fenty x Puma a little more financially accessible, I wasn't even mad that these babies were wild, wild expensive.

She wore sneakers with a ballgown.

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Caption: "Casual."

We can also thank Rihanna for Cardi-ella aka, the Trap Selena version of Cinderella. 

We got our first glimpse of Disney princess Cardi B when she stepped out in this huge Christian Siriano gown. What event was she attending that required such a transformation? Rihanna's annual charity Diamond Ball, of course!

She made socks great again, too. Idc. Idc. 

She wanted to make sure we feel the Bad Gal Magic all the way down to our toes, so she made a collection of socks with Stance Muse that display some of her most iconic looks. 

Rihanna spoke out against bullying with a powerful and sweet message on her social media.

She shared this meme during a huge online discussion about bullying in schools.

"Just heartbreaking!!!!! We're losing our babies to bullying," she wrote. "Teach your kids love and equality. 

"Teach them about the beauty in uniqueness and how to embrace others' differences," she continued. "I can't imagine what the families of these 2 young girls are feeling right now! But my heart breaks for you!! #BulliesKill."

The pop star could totally be using her social media platform to only peddle sexy selfies and Fenty Beauty sneak peaks — but she still takes the time to speak out against causes that matter.

The Bad Gal spoke out against brands using trans women as tokens in their campaigns. 

The gist of her message: Fenty Beauty will not be fetishizing or tokenizing trans women to pander to the LGBTQ+ community — and yes, she has worked with trans women before.

She also went at Trump and stood up for the displaced people of Puerto Rico after a hurricane destroyed their homeland.

You tell 'em, girl!

Rihanna won a Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year award. 

photo: Giphy

She won the award for how she's helped children in need through her Clara Lionel Foundation.

"All you need to do is help one person, expecting nothing in return," she said during her acceptance speech. "To me, that is a humanitarian.”