Selena Gomez is launching her makeup brand soon
photo: Splash News

Rumors first surfaced that Selena Gomez had a makeup line coming back in August, and now it's finally being revealed. 

The musician took to social media to announce Rare Beauty, a new cosmetics line founded by her that was all about embracing people's uniqueness and empowering people to feel confident in themselves. The line is named after her latest album Rare, which is a theme Gomez has taken to in her life lately.

The line will drop with Sephora in summer 2020 and features a variety of products including eye shadows and lipsticks. 

Gomez announced Rare Makeup, her cosmetics line all about embracing your "rare" beauty. 

On February 4, Gomez announced to her social media accounts that Rare Beauty was officially underway. The celebrity has been working on the line for more than two years, she shared, and it will officially launch in Sephora stores in North America this summer. In the video, she explains what makes Rare Beauty different from other makeup lines. 

Gomez is passionate about makeup and making people feel confident in their own skin. 

Rare Beauty is all about unique beauty and feeling comfortable with oneself. In her video, Gomez explains that she has dropped her guard and is ready for her fans to also stop comparing themselves to images on social media. "Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself. I've stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be me," she said. "Rare beauty isn't about how other people see you, it's about how you see yourself."

The artist is partnering with Sephora, and the makeup will be released at the retailer in North America this summer.

Sephora excitedly shared the news shortly after Gomez made the announcement. "Guys, I’ve been working on this special project for two years and can officially say Rare Beauty is launching in @sephora stores in North America this summer! Follow @rarebeauty and become part of our beautiful community. Here’s a tiny sneak. There’s more to share AND I can’t wait," Gomez wrote to Instagram and Twitter. 

After working on the line for two years, it's finally coming. 

It's clear from the video that Gomez has been working hard on a brand that suits her and reflects her beliefs about self-confidence. Now the name even reflects the stage of life she is in, and the music she just released. It looks like eye, lip, and face products will all be a part of the launch. 

Gomez talked about the brand, which is all about embracing our uniqueness.

The artist's fans are already so thrilled about the coming line, and she sat down in an Instagram Live to discuss it further. One person shared a clip from her live video and wrote, "a brand for EVERYONE. we stan." Gomez explained, "We're not meant to look like everyone else. We're meant to look like ourselves, like you. And, you're rare. You're a rare beauty." 

Inspired by her own struggles with social media, Gomez made this makeup line to empower people to feel confident. 

On the makeup line's new Instagram page, it explained its mission statement. "Our mission is to shape conversations around beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health. We want to help people get more access to support and services, and help people feel more authentically connected to one another and less alone in the world." 

Plus, the company shared a quote from Gomez that sums it up. "Our founder @selenagomez believes everyone is unique and rare. But today, too many people feel trapped by unrealistic expectations that are impossible to achieve. @rarebeauty is about accepting who you are – and finding the beauty in your imperfections."