sephora 2007
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10 years ago — way back in the year known as 2007 — buying beauty products online was practically unheard of. Nevertheless, Sephora did have a fully functioning website.

And. Oh. My. God. 2007 Sephora is an actual makeup time capsule. There were some treasures on there we had completely forgotten about.

We took a trip back to Sephora's ACTUAL 2007 homepage via the Wayback Machine to bring you what was website-worthy 10 years ago today. Let's take a trip back through time, shall we?

First of all, Sephora was REALLY plugging its fragrances — especially Aquolina Pink Sugar.

pink sugar
photo: Amazon

Everyone in 2007 wore Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.

Or Princess by Vera Wang. Timeless.

vera wang princess
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And every celebrity in the world had their own fragrance. Even HILARY DUFF had With Love.

Remember Diddy's brand Sean John? Its fragrance for men was called Unforgivable. What were those dudes up to?

sean john cologne
photo: Flipkart

You can tell perfumes were a hot commodity because even makeup brands like Stila were attempting it. Mandarin Mist, anyone?

stila fragrance
photo: Amazon

And speaking of makeup, a lot of brands were selling classics that still haven't changed. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer still looks exactly the same.

hoola benefit
photo: GlamBot

As does Nars' Orgasm Blush.

orgasm blush
photo: Amazon

Lip plumping glosses are starting to make a comeback — maybe DuWop's cult-favorite Lip Venom will, too.

lip venom
photo: Amazon

Bliss' Fatgirlslim still claims to cure cellulite. It still doesn't.

photo: Ulta

Even in the days of over-plucked brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills was still looking out for them with its All About Brows Kit.


Too Faced's Lash Injection mascara had a slight packaging glow up, but that's about it.

But there are a whole ton of staples, such as Urban Decay's Primer Potion, that looked totally different in 2007.

Tarte's massive original Cheek Stain sticks take you way back, huh?

tarte cheek stain
photo: Amazon

But we're thankful some of these products got left in the dust. Take Benefit's Thrrrob blush, for example. THRRROB. Ew.

Thank heavens some of the trends died, too. You probably slathered yourself in lip gloss, and it was probably Lorac's Mocktail.

photo: QVC

Can we talk about the palettes for a hot second? There were only two kinds: ones for *natural* smoky eyes, like Too Faced's Little Pink Book...

... and ones for *edgy* smoky eyes, like Tarte's Peep Show Smokey Eye Palette.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes? Neutral.

Urban Decay's Urban Ammo? Edgy. See?

But Sephora sold one thing in 2007 that was weirder than all else: Sephora Collector's Edition Monopoly.

photo: Sephora

Which you can STILL BUY, by the way.

So 'fess up — how many of these products did you use religiously? How many of them do you STILL use?

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