Moschino and Sephora are coming back together again to make sure beauty fans' makeup bags get the restock they deserve. The brand collaborated with Sephora for its first Teddy Bear makeup in 2017 and now it's back with a totally different theme yet all of the whimsy playfulness the Moschino brand is known for. 

If you fell in love with those gorgeous golden teddies, then prepare your hearts because Moschino and Sephora are going in a totally different direction this time around. Who's ready to do a little more WERKing at the office? 

Ta-da! Jeremy Scott revealed the new makeup collaboration on Instagram!

Yes, people. Moschino and Sephora are taking us to work with an office-themed makeup collection! 

"I have super exciting news for my beauty fans," Scott wrote on Instagram. "I created a new makeup collection for Sephora!!! The @moschino X @sephora @sc collection launches April 25th online and in Sephora stores in US and Canada but here is a sneak peek at my office supply-themed collection."

The new collection will feature nearly everything you can think of when it comes to office supplies and everything you can imagine in a makeup bag.

Of course, every single product has a super realistic-looking packaging that mimics actual office and school supplies. The brand is offering eraser sponges, pencil brushes, a laptop-style eye shadow palette, eyeliner, highlighter, and nail polish! I predict that this collection will sell out as quickly as the Teddy Bear collection before it!

Per this behind-the-scenes sneak peek, this collection is ready to go! 

It drops on April 25 but the brand has obviously had some showings. Everything looks so much like office supplies that you won't know if you're in Sephora or Office Depot.

Check out how detailed everything is. 

Planning to rack up on every single item? You just might need a backpack instead of the traditional makeup bag. This collection is massive!

Unfortunately, the brand is already getting backlash for its theme. 

Apparently, fans think Moschino and Sephora stole their entire office-themed idea from indie brand The Crayon Case. As you can probably tell by the name, The Crayon Case bases its entire brand aesthetic off of school and/or office supplies.

The Crayon Case Cosmetics is most known for its viral Box Of Crayons Palette.

The Box Of Crayons Palette had the beauty community in a frenzy with its vibrant colors inspired by the most beloved crayon colors from childhood. But that isn't all! The brand also makes the Hall Pass lip gloss collection, an eye glue stick inspired by Elmer's glue, a brush set with a pencil design — not unlike the themed brushes Sephora and Moschino have coming out on April 25.

The difference between the two is that The Crayon Case Cosmetics seems to focus on supplies associated with school. 

Meanwhile, the new Moschino collection doesn't really take on any school elements. The themes obviously have a lot of crossover details. 

Here's another look at the pencil brush set from The Crayon Case Cosmetics.

The Pencil Brush Set ($18, The Crayon Case Cosmetics) comes with seven brushes needed to blend, pack on pigment, and create a crease cut. The design looks different from the new Moschino set on the way, but the theme similarities are pretty obvious.

Beauty fans don't see the need for the Moschino collaboration when The Crayon Case Cosmetics exists.

"This makes me want to purchase some @thecrayoncase products," one fan wrote. Another shared, "@TheCrayonCase pencil brush set [is] $18. Marker eyeliner [is] $6. Eraser sponge is $3. Originality is PRICELESS." 


People @'d The Crayon Case Cosmetics repeatedly in the Instagram comments.

"@TheCrayonCase is that you?" one person asked. Clearly, they do not plan to let up on Moschino and Sephora. 

Some critics think this version of office supply makeup looks a little cheap.

"This looks so tacky," one fan wrote. "But I'm attracted to the idea of a Sharpie Eyeliner look makes me [think] of my classmates in middle school who used their eyeliner to do their brows and eyes." 

We can't NOT point out that The Crayon Case Cosmetics already has a Sharpie-style eyeliner product as well.

The Line Me Eyeliner ($6, The Crayon Case Cosmetics) is a huge fan favorite. I wonder who in the Moschino and Sephora camps did the research when the office theme was being discussed.

Some fans are even upset at the Trendmood Instagram platform for repeated posting the Sephora x Moschino collection photos knowing how similar they are to The Crayon Cosmetics.

"So [you're] just going to keep posting this knowing it's ripping off another brand? I understand this is your job but come on now. A line got to be drawn sometimes," one fan griped in the Trendmood comments.

Neither Sephora and Moschino nor The Crayon Case Cosmetics has commented on their product similarities so far. 

photo: BBC

It's only a matter of time before one of the three brands says something. Let's see how all of this shakes out in the end. Will you be grabbing this new Sephora and Moschino collaboration when April 25 hits?