Spending hours in Sephora has always been easy. Swatching your heart away and ogling over new displays are a sacred pastime that *cannot* be rushed.

But blowing money and hours at Sephora just got a whole new meaning, thanks to the brand's new makeup theme park.

Yes, literally. A Sephora THEME PARK.

You read that right: Sephora opened an IRL theme park for its fans to go crazy in.

The Gifts Beauty Park opened on December 7 with beauty-themed festival games, giveaways, and influencer meet-and-greets.

Wouldn't you love to be walking through your city and then spot this place to play?

Fans were able to do this super cute lipstick ring toss game.

Giant lipsticks for the win!

There was also a cool spin-the-wheel game with beauty gifts as prizes. 

I need this in my life.

If you could master the claw, then more beauty prizes awaited — including Marc Jacobs eyeliner! 

Look at the adorable mini Sephora bags in the claw case!

There were also other cool festival games that included rubber duckies and beauty products on sale from brands like Kat Von D, Tarte, and Huda Beauty.

And of course, you could get yourself a makeover on the most epic makeup playground ever. 

According to Insydo, there were three looks to choose from: Red & Black Smokey, Sparkling Eyes, or Glitter lips.

Sigh. They had me at "sparkling."

The only catch is that this Sephora theme park was a holiday pop-up in Dubai only — and it's over. 

photo: Giphy

Yes. Only Dubai was blessed with the ultimate beauty theme park and the pop-up ended on Saturday, December 16. 

No word on whether or not Sephora plans to bring this makeup show across the globe — but we will share more details with you as soon as any pop up!