Tired of makeup sponges that soak up all your foundation? Hong Kong-based Molly Cosmetics has created an unusual beauty tool that addresses that very problem in a very unique way. 

Meet the Silisponge. Looks like a tiny breast implant, right? Nah, it's designed to blend your makeup seamlessly with zero product absorption into the sponge.

You can buy it here, but alas, it's currently sold out.

Thanks to its non-porous surface, the tool doesn’t waste precious foundation, meaning you can use way less.

The proof is in the blending. It actually looks like it works...

But wait, there's more. It's easy AF to wash: soap and water cleans it in seconds.

You can also use it for bronzer, concealer, blush, whatever needs buffing or blending.

Did we mention it's only $9? Molly Cosmetics has restocked the Silisponge twice since it came out three days ago.

Get on that pre-order, girl!

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